What Moms Actually Want From Their Husbands On Mother’s Day


I think that Moms work very hard for 364 days a year. Can we get the day off this year? I want to brunch like it’s my job, and sip mimosas all day long. Oh, and I want to watch my husband shake it while he does the dishes! Check out my Mother’s Day video.   If you haven’t signed up for my YouTube channel yet, get over there so you can see my videos before anyone else.


  1. Best video ever. You left one thing out house shouldn’t look like a bomb went off the next Morning for you to clean up

    • Gina,
      That is always the problem. The aftermath of the next day. Like a bomb went off in every room of the house. UGH! Hopefully you will have a great day tomorrow 🙂

  2. Genius! This is the first I’ve seen of your posts, but oh yes, I will definitely be back for more. Great job totally nailing exactly what every mom is thinking!

  3. Hey Meredith!
    Great video! I would like to state that when my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I replied, “To stay in my jammies all day, watch movies, and eat popcorn, with no one bothering me”, he looked at me like I was an alien… They just don’t get it, do they????

      • Actually, didn’t get the day at home, but DID go to the movies with my two girls and ate LOTS of popcorn.
        No dishes, no fuss, so all is well.
        Thanks for the interest!
        Keep up the videos and posts. Love them!

  4. As a stay at home mom who home schools my kids… ages 6,5,3 & 1… I feel you, I get it, I really do. I’m awake at 1:16 in the morning binge surfing the internet because the alternative is cleaning a kitchen where every surface is covered, picking up a gazillion toys and vacuuming and mopping the entire downstairs, and despite that when I do finally dredge up the motivation to complete these needed tasks it’ll probably be closer to 2am and I will be ridiculously tired, I am still procrastinating because I really really really don’t want to do it. So i get the motivation behind your videos. But, I just wanted to mention something that you maybe might want to think about considering. How do you think your children feel to know you hate them so much that you can’t stand being their mother? And I’m sure that you do somewhere deep down love your kids, but children are very fragile and impressionable, and if they haven’t already seen and been affected by your opinion of motherhood, then i can just imagine one day your kid randomly finds your website and watches these videos for the first time. And unless they are cold and unfeeling, i can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be devastated to learn that their mom sees them as a burden to be free of at every possible opportunity. not that i think you are gonna have some life altering revelation by reading some random comment on your page, but for the sake of your kids, you should really consider how the way you feel about motherhood affects your family. Most EVERY mom feels this way at times, but not every mom is memorializing these sentiments for their kids to find and be hurt by.

    • J.M.
      This is not the place for you. You are welcome to your opinion, as am I. You however do not get to tell me that I hate my children or that I am a terrible mother. You DO NOT know me. You have no idea what type of parent I am. My three children are my greatest accomplishments. I am honest enough to not be ashamed of my feeling and I am not afraid to voice how I feel.
      Wishing you all the best while you sit at home at judge others,

      • Let me reiterate… “I am sure you love your children” HOWEVER, if Any child happened upon videos of their mother speaking this way about her relationship with them, that child would be devestated. Loving your children won’t make them feel less hurt and devestated should said child happen upon their mother’s “honest” blog. Additionally when your children do happen upon your site, (most likely as teens), it will be a time of great vulnerability in their lives. If you think this type of mentality will have no negative effect on their psyche and development, you are greatly deceived. Don’t let the lure of riches and popularity cloud your judgement on what is best for your children. And you’re right, this sight isn’t the place for me… and sadly it’s NOT the place for your children either.

        • Let me reiterate…..Do not worry about me or my children. My children know exactly what I am doing and I do not hide things from my children. We are fine. Worry about taking care of your own family.

          • I know, I know, the “don’t judge me” mantra. Quite possibly one of the worse things to come out of our generation.
            Like I said, based on your candid and honest videos demonstrating your depth of character and thoughtfulness I wasn’t expecting you to receive any of this.
            But just as I would feel obligated to speak out if I saw someone borderline abusing their children, I also feel obligated to speak out against verbal abuse as well. So I did. And you’ll do you. Regards, J.M.

  5. meredith, i caught your video blog randomly here (from an image search for ‘oy yoy yoy’ – go figure ha). anyway glad i cliked on it made me laugh.

  6. OMG!!! You’re my hero!!! My 9 year old son is on top of me watching the video and I told him make sure you tell your dad and your siblings this is what I want for Mother’s Day next year!


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