How To Nurture Your Child’s Growing Brain


They say it all roots back to our childhood. It’s our very first years that define our personality, temper, habits, and interests. That’s why it is so important for young parents to nurture their little kids not only physically, but also mentally. As both experience and studies confirm, activities associated with brain development help little kids grow up stronger, smarter, and more creative.

Nonetheless, when it comes to conversations about the best practices of nurturing your child’s brain, there are plenty of colliding views. There are numerous controversial tips and advice on the Internet, so there is no wonder why young parents find it hard to define the best approach and follow it consistently.

To help you and other parents in those deliberations, we’ve prepared a detailed infographic featuring all the ins and outs of nurturing growing brains of little kids. It turns out, that the human brain expands and develops most actively between the moment of birth and the age of three. Over the course of these years, it is especially easy for little human beings to learn new languages, develop their social skills, learn the basic of science and math, as well as build some psychological patterns that will help them manage stress later in their adult years.

Given all the benefits mentioned above, it goes without saying that parents should dedicate a lot of time to engaging kids in simple activities associated with early childhood development. Wonder what these activities are? There are many of them. However, the basic list usually includes reading out loud to your kids (make sure you choose books that are suitable for babies and toddlers), engaging your child in cooking, teaching them to recognize basic face expressions, just to name a few.

Need more details? See the infographic below. It will help you navigate through this topic with ease. And make sure to study it from cover to cover, because chances are good you’ll be glad that you did.


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