Off to the Auction with Tophatter


tophatterI love flea marketing and going to auctions. You never know what you’ll find and when you do find something that you like you can often get it at an unbelievably low price. For me, auctions are a blast because it brings out my competitive spirit. But here in Maine, auctions are far and few between – which means hoards of people show up and the bidding can get crazy (and unreasonable). That’s why I was really excited to learn of Tophatter. Tophatter is a virtual auction house. Every day, buyers and sellers from all over the world gather for live auctions that are fun, fast, and feature fabulous items at exclusive prices.

Now if you peek around online, you’ll see some mixed reviews – some good, some not so good. Many of the complaints stem from products being listed that were bought in bulk from China. Last time I checked, this is something you’ll find at any auction – both on and offline. You have to do your homework before buying auction merchandise. Ask questions, be proactive.

Here’s a peek at the auction format (which is interactive and real-time):

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 9.14.01 AM

Upon signing up you’ll instantly receive a coupon for $10 off your first purchase, which is really cool. I have my eye on some vintage estate pottery that goes on auction soon. If I’m able to scoop these fabulous pieces up, I’ll post back later.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. This, however, does not influence or change my opinion. I think the product rocks (or I wouldn’t endorse it, duh.)


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