Every time I use the bathroom, someone needs something. I could lock the bathroom door, but that illogical fear of someone jumping from the couch out the window, keeps me sitting on the bowl being constantly interrupted. Check out this weeks video, Shut the door!! Does this happen at your house? What do they need from you, while you are on the bowl????? Make sure to subscribe (Click the red subscribe button) to my YouTube channel for updates on new videos.

The That’s Inappropriate community has been nominated for the TODAY Parenting choice award! Please head over and vote. I am so excited at how much this community has grown. It makes my tiny heart happy.


  1. OMG!!!! I found my CLONE!! I thought I was alone in this crazy life/marriage/motherhood/womanhood and now I find my sisterhood and someone to share my joys and pain with…yippee!!! What a break through!! Maybe I will live through all of this after all…lolol
    You are soooo on target with everything and it fun to laugh at when it’s not happening to you and easier to accept when it is now, well sort of now., but you get that too. Awesome site!!

  2. but I got so used to leaving the door open I did until they were 10 11 12 and they be like Mom shut the door now I just want them when I’m going the bathroom

  3. Omg I just love you, not in a freaky walking way lol.
    I first saw you on a post you did abiut parents that yell. I never laughed so hard as when you yelled so loud brush your teeth that the neighbors brushed there’s lol
    And swampy ass cracked me up I’m from Colorado moving to Florida in a year, gotta say you got me a little worried on that one. Keep doing what your doing. And Thank you for all the moms who live in our shoes

  4. Hi Meredith, I’ve just started on TRIBE, and your site was shown as an example, so I’m checking you out. I love your site already, although I’m a great-grandma now (of 4) and my mothering days are done (thanks be!). I had four daughters under 6 years of age to a first marriage, and then a son from a second marriage when my youngest daughter was 11. But I’ll pass on your Url to my grand-daughter, who’s just had her 4th child. Thanks for the laughs -I’ll be joining your group for the entertainment value … :} Have a wonderful day today!

  5. Oh the memories. Lol however we can’t entirely blame our kids for not appreciating our desire for “Potty Privacy” Afterall we drag them with us every time we go potty or daily hygiene their first few years for fear of greater havoc to befall them on the other side of the door. So. What to do ? Yell ? my kids are grown but I love your style.


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