Some Mothers Look Like Mothers, Some Don’t


Some mothers carry a baby on their hip,
While others carry a baby only in their heart.

Some mothers are awestruck by their baby’s life,
While others are in agony over their baby’s death.

Some mothers bring their baby home after birth,
While others return home empty-handed.

Some mothers carry the baby weight,
While others carry the weight of their baby’s death.

Some mothers live in their baby’s presence,
While others survive their baby’s absence.

Some mothers are exhausted from caring for their baby,
While others are weary from grieving their baby.

Some mothers celebrate their baby’s life at home,
While others celebrate their baby’s life at a cemetery.

Some mothers watch their baby grow,
While others have no choice but to watch their baby die.

Some mothers dream of their baby’s future,
While others mourn it.

Some mothers look forward to another day with their baby on earth,
While others look forward to seeing their baby in heaven.

Some mothers hold all of their babies,
While others hold some of them, or none.

Some mothers look like mothers,
While others don’t.

May we honor them all.

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Jenny Albers is a midwestern girl at heart who is raising two kiddos on earth while remembering the two who are in heaven. After experiencing pregnancy loss, Jenny has found healing through writing. She is a contributor at Pregnancy After Loss Support and you can find her writing about life, loss, family and faith on her blog A Beautifully Burdened Life. In her free time, Jenny enjoys reading, sewing, and wandering the aisles of her favorite thrift stores. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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