I’m Having One Of THOSE Weeks


Are you?

The kind of crappy week that comes out of nowhere smacks you right in your unwashed face, lingers for a bit — ’cause why not — and makes you wonder if/when things will ever get back to “normal.”

I started the month of May on the receiving end of a traffic ticket for which I am now paying for in the form of a decent amount of cash (which I would probably be spending on non-homecooked food) and four precious hours of my already minimal “free” time.

The following day my littlest nugget vomited at school.

Then, the next day, my rough and tumble five-year-old got bit by a clearly inconsiderate bug who selfishly decided to make our week more challenging by infecting him with some kind of nastiness that lead to a hard and hot bruise at the bite site, swelling down my son’s ankle, and now seven days on an antibiotic.

We also have a pipe leak under our home, likely from the washing machine line, that is causing water to accumulate on one of our home’s supporting beams, and, because why not, the wood floor in the kitchen that sits above that beam is starting to rot and change shape.



I am really looking forward to seeing how high my dirty clothes tower can get over the next few weeks.

And, hey, if it gets just high enough, maybe no one will notice me losing my sh*t behind it?

What do you think?

OR, instead of acting like a cray-cray lunatic cause things aren’t going how I would like them to go, I could keep a humble perspective and remember that the Universe isn’t out to get me, this isn’t karma for any of my less than decent moments, and that in the BIG scheme of things, these stressors, are just that, and nothing more.

I got a ticket, because I own car and because I have places to go and places — like my home — that I enjoy being at so much, I rush to get there and to the love nuggets who reside inside.

My daughter got sick because she’s a kid who is privileged enough to attend a great school where she’s making wonderful friends and picking up just as many germs.

A jerk bug bit my son because my little dude was having fun outside, in nature, and because he’s just as sweet as young men come these days.

And, my house issue, it will get figured out — one giant check way or another — this roof will remain over the heads of the four spectacular human beings I am blessed enough to live my life alongside and for.

When you have one of THOSE weeks, it is typically an immediate go-to to curse your luck, the local PD, germs, bugs or the homeowner Gods.

But, instead, what you can and should do, is what I am doing and that’s feeling grateful for both the material things — like coffee, your computer, your cozy bed — and the immaterial things — like the irreplaceable people your call your family — in your life that make those lousy weeks not just bearable, but worth every gosh darn unpleasant second.

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