Take it or Leave it Podcast – Episode 11 – Forced Hugs, IVF and Apologizing to your Spouse


Welcome to Take It or Leave It, an advise-ish podcast for parents brought to you by Grove Collaborative.

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In this weeks episode we discuss talking to our kids about active shooter situations, the mental load of marriage and motherhood, and the man cold. As always we enjoyed chatting with callers and discussing issues that face real Moms.

Meredith: You can download this podcast on iTunes and Google Play Music. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thank you to JessHM6Navy for her review and helping us feel better by letting us know that she has the same faults and struggles as we do. Please make sure to leave us a review wherever you download this amazing podcast, ranked number one across the charts. I mean in our hearts. I’m your host, Meredith, from That’s Inappropriate.

Tiffany: And I’m your host, Tiffany, from Juggling the Jenkins. This podcast will discuss all things marriage, motherhood, and everything in between. Please remember we’re not professionals at anything you may actually need, so any advice we give you, you can take-

Meredith: Or leave, because it might be crap. So welcome to Take It Or Leave It.

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  1. Thank you for this episode. I truly needed to hear it. I had many miscarriages, lost a rainbow at 23 weeks pregnant. My little girl lived for 14 days but it was the best two weeks i knew i would never forget. My 4 year old is my rainbow baby of the rainbow baby. My son is also a rainbow baby. I got diagnosed with incompetent cervix and has to have a cerclage with my son and daughter. I thought I did something to cause my body to go into labor early and did a lot of self blame. I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only person out that has gone through this. Listening to the different stories has helped me even more after talking to a psychologist. Love you guys.

  2. Meredith and Tiffany, you ladies always make me smile. I enjoy listening to your podcast while I drive. I don’t have young children, but find many of what you discuss helps me with my grandchildren. I just love you both. Keep on doing you and telling your truth!

  3. Love your show, ladies! Here’s a suggestion for a topic: The concept of “Moms and Wine”. It’s a real problem. There are so many people who joke about moms and their wine. There are t shirts, signs, moms night out, etc. The drinking for some moms starts in the morning and they drink to get through the day. I heard Meredith on your most recent pos cast joke with your guest host about drinking wine after a day of being a mom. Also, would love to hear stories or thoughts on moms of tweens!

  4. I just cannot Express how truly wonderful all your episodes are….however this one hit right in the feels!! Especially when the young lady called in with babies in the NICU!!! My niece with spina bifida was born at 23 weeks 2.5 years ago!! The rollercoaster of emotions you go through is too much to handle alone. I am apart of the village to help with her and during our stay we called little things ..like what happened on the show…God winks. It was her God wink that she called in to connect with someone. I wish I could have caught this live to also reach out because it is truly one day at a time!! The community yall have is just awesome ….no judgement and truly open to discuss anything with open mindness!! I tell al my mom friends about this podcast. I am not a mom myself …as I have never given birth…but am apart of a village and truly feel moms are not given the credit they truly deserve. Found this pod cast and it’s like Christmas everyday when I see there is a new episode!!!

  5. I’m latina we are affectionate and do the 2 cheek kiss. But there were rules about not sit on laps or arms hanging on your shoulder type things even with family.

  6. I can not begin to tell you how amazing you ladies are. You have really spoken to me on a personal level with actually speaking with me. I am a wife and a mother of 4. I have a 17 year old bonus child (M), a 13 yearold (M), a 12 year old (G), and a 5 year old(G). I also have become the naborhood mom of 7 other girls same age range as my girls. Your podcast has help me realize that I’m not going to make everyone happy and take care of everything. There are going to be time I just drop the ball and not be so hard on my self.
    Just an FYI I love the jokes that Tiffany give. I myself love those kind of jokes.
    Love you guys thank you for making me feel good about being a bad parent.

  7. I absolutely love “Take It Or Leave It” !
    Tiff & Meredith I love you ladies, coming together for this podcast was ment to be! Thank you for being raw and real with us at all times. I smile to myself so much listening to you two talk about motherhood & this crazy life because I relate in so many ways lol good and the bad. God bless you beautiful inspiring women thank you for everything xoxo


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