The Anti-Lullaby


I have a theory. I believe the person’s voice a baby hears most often (other than mama’s) while in the womb, is the voice he or she responds to most after being born. My reasoning is that no matter how long Aless has been sleeping or how hard she is zonked out, if Nick speaks – whether a whisper or a room rumbling yell – she awakens immediately with eyes wide open and looks around for him.

Daddy talked to her a lot before she popped into the world. He was always resting his head on my belly and singing and telling stories. She responded then, she responds now. Daddy also talks a lot in general. He’s Italian after all – they like to talk. He speaks, she is mesmerized. I call it the anti-lullaby. Nick is the baby snake charmer.

It’s fascinating – really. Just thought I’d share.


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