The Tooth Fairy Now Has Her Own Tiny Face Mask Thanks To One Little Girl’s Adorable Request


The pandemic has definitely had a weird effect on so much of life as we knew it. While in some ways it seems like yesterday that life WASN’T about coronavirus & social distancing, it also seems like we’ve been quarantining for ages.


There’s no other way to put it: corona life is BIZARRE. I was watching a movie on Netflix the other night, & the characters were in a crowded bar, dancing. Remember when we could brush against other people in public?? Or breathe the same air without face masks? Or hell, walk into a supermarket and buy toilet paper… whenever you wanted?

Coronavirus has forced us to modify so many aspects of our regular lives, & our kids are feeling it, too. 

One mom’s adorable Facebook post about coronavirus tooth fairy etiquette illustrates one of the many ways we’re all adapting to “corona life” parenting.

Photo Credit: Kayla Westhouse (Facebook)

Losing a tooth is definitely an exciting moment for a young kid, & mom Kayla Westhouse’s 7-year-old daughter Evolette was just as psyched when she lost one of hers.

When you’re young, the tooth trade is one of the few ways to earn some sweet cash, so ensuring the Tooth Fairy has a secure arrival is key.

The anticipated arrival of the Tooth Fairy is typically an exciting event, but little kids are sadly all-too-aware of how much coronavirus currently affects our day-to-day lives. The first thought on Evolette’s mind was whether or not a tooth transaction could even occur during a pandemic.

Would the Tooth Fairy still come??

To hedge her bets, Evolette immediately asked Kayla to hook up the Tooth Fairy with her own PPE; she asked her mother:

to make a mask for the tooth fairy.

Smart kid. But Kayla responded like most parents would, which was to assure Evolette that the Tooth Fairy couldn’t catch coronavirus.

But Evolette knows her stuff; she then fired off a series of questions to her mom about how the Tooth Fairy could conduct her business while seemingly breaking a series of corona safety rules.

Because, after all:

– She has to enter my 6ft bubble to get the tooth from under my pillow

Good point! There’s not much distance between a sleeping kid head & a tooth tucked underneath the pillow.

This tooth has been in my mouth, where all the germs are

Seriously, this kid’s one deep thinker!

What if she comes to my house, and then goes to another kids house?

Aww… she’s so considerate, too- worrying about the safety of the next toothless kid!

Despite her mom’s assurances, Evolette wasn’t entirely convinced that the Tooth Fairy was playing it safe, so she asked her mom to make a Tooth Fairy-sized face mask.

And Kayla did exactly that.

So, I found myself last night at the sewing machine… Making my 178th mask. For a fairy.

Photo Credit: Kayla Westhouse (Facebook)

(Kayla’s got mad skills with the mask-making!)

Photo Credit: Kayla Westhouse (Facebook)

Seriously, how cute is this tiny thing?!

I give Kayla serious props here. Our family’s Tooth Fairy is a total slacker  who often seems to forget to leave money behind (*sigh* sadly, more than once)… until Mom -me!- conveniently seems to “find” it under the pillow. 

The face mask was just what Evolette needed to reassure her that despite the pandemic, some things don’t change. The Tooth Fairy would still be on her way.

As sweet kid that she is, Evolette even threw in a request for a perk for her dad since it was his birthday:

Photo Credit: Kayla Westhouse (Facebook)

Kayla’s actions were not just for her own daughter, but for any child who has been worried about how the coronavirus could affect their tooth-taking fairy friend:

And now you can tell all the children that the tooth fairy is safe ??

No matter how strange this whole pandemic is, we parents still do what we can to let our kids be kids. The childhood magic of the Tooth Fairy is still alive & well, and she’s now been hooked up to safely visit your house! And hopefully Mom can find the money that she “hides” so well…


This pandemic season has been filled with moments of "whep, never thought I would be doing this…" Newly added to the…

Posted by Kayla Westhouse on Friday, May 8, 2020


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