The Ultimate Checklist: A Mom’s Guide to Vehicle Safety



As a mom on the go, while you juggle work responsibilities, a household and your children, you cannot afford for your car to breakdown and compromise your safety. It isn’t fun to be stranded on the side of the road. There are measures you can take to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Here are seven items all moms should routinely check on their vehicles:

Is Your Battery Fully Charged?

A dead battery in your vehicle will prevent your car from starting. You don’t want to be caught off guard late at night or early in the morning if your car won’t start and there isn’t another vehicle to jump your vehicle. Batteries need to be replaced every three to four years, says Consumer Reports. In harsher climates where winters and summers are more aggressive, check the battery often to ensure it is holding a charge.

Do Your Windshield Wipers Work?

If your wipers create streaks on your windshield, it might be time to replace them. In rain or a snowstorm, problematic wipers will limit visibility and prevent you from driving safely.

Have You Checked Your Transmission?

Service on your transmission depends on your vehicle, but most require maintenance between 30,000-100,000. Additionally, if the fluid appears dark red or brown it might be time to get yours serviced.

When is the Last Time You Changed Your Engine Oil?

Check the oil level in your vehicle periodically to determine if it is at the right level. It is crucial to use the correct oil for your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual to assess what type of grade you need to use and what the recommendations suggest for changing oil. If you need guidance on how to check your oil, consult Telegraph for additional information.

Are Your Fluids at the Right Level?

Appropriate fluid levels can influence the longevity of your car. The following fluids need a regular check: antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and window cleaner. These fluids can be checked with a dipstick or reservoir indicating if it meets the appropriate levels. If it fails this test, it is time to refill these fluids.

Is Your Tire Pressure Appropriate?

It is a prudent to inspect your tires. If the tires look bald or the tread is worn, then there is a higher risk that your tire will blow out on the road. On a more regular basis, you must check your tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure can be found on the inside frame of your door. If you need help to further understand tire pressure, consult Tire Buyer’s resources for additional help.

Do Your Taillights and Headlights Work?

You can drive your car toward a storefront with mirrors and determine if your regular lights and high beams work by flicking the lights on and off. The same technique can also be applied to your taillights. Driving without lights not only compromises safety, but also may lead to ticket or a fine from the police department.

Vehicle safety cannot be compromised for any mom. Arm yourself with this checklist to remind yourself when certain services need to take place so you aren’t stranded on the road or in a place where your children’s safety might be endangered because you failed to conduct a basic check on your vehicle.


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