To My Child’s Teacher: Yes, I’m Sending You That Kid


To my child’s teacher — Yes, I am the one sending you that kid.

I know your job is already not easy and then I throw “that kid” in the mix. Can I be honest? Sometimes, I sinister laugh when she gets out of the car and walks into school. We have regular struggles in the mornings to get ready and then big surprise . . . breakfast, which, this time, caused an epic battle-type standoff.

She basically can’t use her devices until the end of next century.


She’s loud, strong-willed, and she thinks she knows a lot more than she really does.

She will probably blurt out answers. She puts 100% into everything at school. And, she’s fierce and determined.

Watch her run in PE; she’ll grit her teeth with the most concentrated look on her face. Sometimes you’ll see her stick her tongue out. In her heart, she probably thinks she is in the Olympics.

You see, Teacher, she’s that kid who is eager to impress you.

that kid

I know it can be annoying sometimes when you have asked her to stick her bottom in the chair for the umpteenth time, but she is busting at the seams to make her place in this world. She’s got the makings of a great leader. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

She’ll probably push back a little bit when you try to correct, but stay strong.

She’ll almost convince you that she was right. She will most definitely get notes sent home about talking in class or passing notes to her friends.  She loves her friends dearly. She doesn’t mean to disrupt your class. Oh yes, I know she is loud.

Her inside voice is the same as her outside voice which can likely be heard above all the other children. For this one, I will apologize. I might have to get you some ear plugs or chamomile tea.

Thank you so much for being patient and understanding with her.

Thank you so much for placing boundaries and expanding them a little.

Thank you for not placing her in a cookie cutter box and understanding each child is different.

Thank you for knowing that one day all these traits might be her greatest strength!

We adore you and are honored you took this career path because I have got to tell you . . . I couldn’t do it.

So, thank you for taking on “that kid” that happens to be my kid.


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