Viral Tweet Has Internet Reeling At The Thought That Not Everyone Has An Inner Monologue


A tweet is lighting up the Twitterverse regarding whether or not people have an inner monologue and I can’t even right now.

I mean, doesn’t everybody?


Apparently not.

In a mere 240 characters, some guy named Kyle from Seattle, WA, with the twitter handle, @KylePlantEmoji, has made me rethink everything I thought I knew about thinking, and now my brain hurts.

He tweets:

“Fun fact: some people have an internal narrative and some don’t”

Fun Fact: I am so confused right now.

Because my inner voice? Never shuts up. I have conversations with myself in the car, in the grocery store, lying in bed.

As I write this? I’m also having a secondary conversation going on in the background of my mind about whether or not I’m going to make tacos even though it’s Taco Tuesday, but I’m so sick and tired of tacos.

I have a running commentary from sun-up to sun-down.

At the grocery store yesterday? I had a full on debate in my head over whether or not the brand name free-range eggs were really worth the 10 cents more than the no name brand. I stood in front of that display case for at least a minute arguing with myself.

And this isn’t the way everyone’s brain works? How can you NOT have an inner voice?

I mean, what’s going on in there? Are you just listening to yourself breathing? Do you have moments of complete and utter silence? Is your mind blank?


I didn’t actually believe that when you ask someone what they’re thinking and they respond with “Nothing,” that they are truly thinking NOTH-ING. How is that even possible?

And I’m not the only one with questions. There are literally thousands of comments, retweets, and likes on Kyle’s post. And it would seem that he is RIGHT. Some people have an inner voice. Some do not.

Let’s pause for a moment, shall we? So those of you who do can take a moment to discuss it with yourselves.

There are people who are clearly normal, like me:

Maybe? I have no idea. Obviously I know nothing about inner peace. But apparently, my husband does. Because my husband? He has NO INNER MONOLOGUE. And I don’t even know him. NOTHING IS REAL. 

@DaddyFiles has come to the same revelation about his spouse, and boy, do I get it.

The others? Those people who claim that they don’t have an inner voice, just abstract thoughts? They are out there. Crazy, I know.

Nope, it’s not just in movies Chaz. Inner voices are REAL. 

And lest you are one of these non-verbal types thinking, “Y’all are crazy,” which, clearly you won’t because apparently you don’t have an inner monologue, let me just leave you with this little tidbit. In an informal twitter poll, 59% of people think in words.

What about you? Do you have a narrator streaming a running commentary in your head? Or not?


  1. I’m a verbal thinker, today I was wondering a joke I’d heard for example, here’s the joke: a doctor examines a patient: doctor” I’m sorry sir, we took a test and it looks like you have updog.” Patient: ” What’s updog?” It took me forever to get it but when I did my inner monologue said “you know like what’s up dog?”

  2. I think things over in my mind but its not like a voice i can hear out loud in my head. I can also control when i think and when i dont. I can easily sit quietly and just observe things with no noise going on inside. So when you say inner monologue do you actually mean you can hear a voice in your head or do you mean just constant thoughts


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