Wholesome Foods for Energy and Sleep


Although many of us were already multitaskers, having to hunker down with our kiddos at home has turned us into multitasking phenoms. Being full-time teachers, caretakers, cooks, and playmates to our kids on top of having our own careers or personal goals can lead to physically and mentally exhaustive days and nights.

With plenty of stressors on our minds and a growing list of distractions and to-dos, it’s even more imperative that we take care of our health and wellbeing. A simple, yet oftentimes neglected way to care for our health is through healthy, wholesome foods. So to help, we thought we’d share this guide on healthy foods that give you energy and promote sleep.

In the visual, you’ll find staple foods that we typically have in our kitchens or are easy to obtain during your next visit to your local grocery store. Since getting a good night’s sleep is a huge part of staying healthy, the guide also includes foods that are known for helping us fall asleep or sleep soundly through the night.

Keep reading for the full guide on having productive days and restful nights.

foods for sleep

Image Credit: https://kitchencabinetkings.com 


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