Woo Hoo! Look Who’s Two!



It’s hard to believe that MommiFried turns two today. Time went by just like that … gone! In the last twenty-four months, so many great things have happened. The family has grown larger with the addition of Luca and my beautiful grandbaby, Vera. I’ve had my work featured on some incredible sites including Felicity Huffman’s What The Flicka? and Jill Smokler’s Scary Mommy. I became an author (officially!) with the publication of The Mother of All Meltdowns. And I launched my own business to help other self-published authors get their books out to the masses. It really has been a whirlwind.

But rather than toot my own horn, I want to talk a little about the greatest part of this blogging journey … and that’s YOU! That’s right. If you’re a regular reader or one of my blogging pals, you’ve made every single day worth the adventure. You’ve helped me push myself to become a better writer. You’ve given me the energy and determination to overcome the tough times. And you’ve continuously inspired me to want to keep blogging, whether that be here or on other platforms. So thank you. Thank you for sharing my words and world. It means more than you’ll ever know.

With that, I’d like to share some of my favorite comments from the past year. Get ready to smile! You guys are a funny bunch!

“Oh boy as a runner I may be one of those “joggers” who irritate you! But I get it, I do! Now pass me a popsicle. :-) :-)Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen)

“Boob sweat should be looked into as some type of military torture/interrogation tactic!”  WriterMom Angela (Writer Mom’s Blog)

“The Manhattan is totally a classic and manly drink. My husband’s grandfather loved these and after he passed that was all his grandmother would drink (if she had drink here and there) to keep his memory alive.” Janine Huldie (Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic)

“Preach it girl! My kids practically think I’m a caveperson (politically correct reference lol) for telling stories from my childhood like – drinking from a hose, stubbing my big toe because I was barefoot, or *gasp* not having a phone, let alone a cell, at my disposal immediately. I loved each and every topic on that list!” Jamma (Tantrums to Tattoos)

“First off, I want to thank you for reminding me to switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer. Second, you are RIGHT on with all of these and I seriously would love those headphones!” Allie (Vita Train 4 Life)

“You know what, you and your daughter are clearly in sync with each other and that makes you an awesome mom! To hell with everyone’s opinion of the movie. I certainly have movies labeled as classics that I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about that would probably label me as nuts, but so it goes.” Bev (Linkouture)

“Rumor has it that people who curse are more honest and trustworthy and I think the rumors are f’n true!” Angela Gilmore (Working on Working Mom)

“At least you spelled “a lot” correctly!!! That is what REALLY matters:)” Seana Turner (The Seana Method)

“Google gets me into trouble too. I was once interested in reviewing some socks, so I looked up the company. Turns out they are mainly known for incontinence underwear. Now Google keeps showing me ads for granny panties and Depends. Google thinks I’m 97 years old!?!?!” Rabia (The Liebers)

“Gosh, I wish I had a robot butt! I mean, really…” Chris (The Mom Cafe)

“I’d look badass with Tamara hair. I’ll settle for not having pattern baldness. Although, if I begin to get a bald spot, it’s all coming off.” Eli (Coach Daddy)

“Shirtless Matthew M gets my vote. Yummy!” Amber (City Girl on Hicks Farm)

“HA! LOVE IT! I always had this sneaking suspicion that Cupid was a little bastard.” Adrienn (This Uncomplicated Journey)

“My mother was a devout Irish Catholic and my dad was a non-practicing Jew. So I always said I drink, I get drunk, and I feel guilty.” Teri (Snarkfest)

“From a guy’s POV, 40 is way better than 20! Twenty is all tramp stamps and One Direction! Liver spots? Call em “Sophistication Freckles” And who cares if you don’t get carded anymore…just that much quicker you can get home and start drinking the stuff!” Tom (Daddy Anarchy)

“Hey, thanks for the shout out! Very kind words. I don’t know how exponential I am, but when it comes to parenting I often feel experimental.” Eric (Dad On The Run)


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