17 Hilarious Tweets From Parents About What It’s Like to Feed Kids


It started off well enough. Researching recipes of mushy baby food to lovingly prepare for my sweet baby as she progressed from milk to solids. I dreamed of lunch boxes and snacks made up non-processed food and low sugar treats. How hard could feeding a kid nutritious food be?


Fast forward 11 or so years and add another kid and I’m pulling my hair out trying to provide anything that looks like the healthy food pyramid.

Most nights, I craft excuses as to why I should let someone else cook the food my kids will complain about. It’s too hot, it’s too late or we don’t have all the ingredients for that. Whatever the season, you can be sure  I have a reason not to cook.

It turns out I’m not alone in my parenting food struggles as these 17 hilarious tweets from these parents prove. Here is the truth of what it’s actually like to feed kids around the clock.

  1. If they’ll eat it for breakfast you’ll stop caring that it probably belongs in the candy aisle.

2. You start off with the best of intentions

3. Never dreaming that fast food will be your go to

4. No matter what the experts say nuggets and parenting go together although kids might not be the best judges on portion size.

5. Enroling them in sports helps ease the guilt somewhat.

6. Explaining the need for a range of foods might work in theory.

7. And although they eat almost nothing, they are ALWAYS in need of a snack.

8. You can try to balance their diet but…..

9. You want your kids to eat a variety of food but also to not confuse you with a short-order cook.

10. In order not to lose the only member of a food group, you find yourself hoping your kids won’t discover the truth about what they’re actually eating.

11. But nothing is more important to your sanity than equal serves of sugar-laden treats.


12. Trying to involve your kids in family food choices, although recommended, can lead to moments you regret.

13. But even when you buy what they want there will never be the right food in your home.

14. Dinner is a special time where you can potentially spoil everyone’s day with one decision.

15. But it’s so nice when your kids appreciate the time spent shopping, preparing and cooking their meals.

16. Even when they get the choice of their two favorite menu items, kids can’t be pleased

17. Although eating with your own kids is painful, eating with others seems like fun. Hey, they might even share.

And that’s what feeding kids is actually like.


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