17 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Halloween When You’re The Parent


Halloween is right around the corner; bring on the fun costumes, the shouts of “Trick Or Treat!”, and the SUGAR. For kids, the prospect of free candy makes Halloween one of the best days of the year. For parents, navigating an afternoon of trick-or-treating with sugar-frenzied kids can be downright spooky.

The funny parents of Twitter share their thoughts on what Halloween is like with kids- read on to enjoy their hilarity!

  1. The struggle begins with the costume selection, which starts EARLY. Literally.

2. Your kid decides on a costume… again. And again. And again…

3. And once they DO pick a costume, they’ll change their minds. It’s science.

4. If you’re actually prepared in advance, you have to hide it, because KIDS.

5. And if you forget? You have to get creative- fast. (Those Advil come in handy while trick or treating with kids, though… just saying…)

6. Taking kids trick-or-treating reminds you of your own costumes, which are best forgotten.

7. And there’s always someone wearing a costume that ends up scaring your kid. Or YOU.

8. Some parents get into the spirit by wearing a costume… kind of.

8. While other parents wear costumes that are downright terrifying.

9. The concept of trick-or-treating can be hard to explain to young kids.

10. But those same young kids don’t understand, so… more candy for YOU.

11. (Though you might have to travel to get the really good stuff.)

12. But it’s afterwards that things can take an unpleasant turn…

13. In fact, Halloween night can be downright scary- for parents.

14. But then the night finally ends… and the cleanup begins.

15. When you think about it, this whole Halloween thing doesn’t make a lot of sense.

16. But hey, at least there’s all that “free” candy!

17. Let’s just hope we don’t have a nervous breakdown by the time it’s all over.

Happy Halloween- enjoy your (kids’) candy!



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