10 Holiday Decor Pitfalls That Homeowners Fall For


You might think there’s not much that can go wrong with the festive décor. Yet, there are dangers and pitfalls everywhere you turn. Once you go through the entire list you might find quite a few mistakes that you make every year. Starting from the tree to the lights, there are so many things you can over-do and under-do. Here is a list to avoid this holiday season:

Lights, action and safety!

When you have toddlers or pets around, you need to be very careful where you hang the lights. For examples, when you have the fairy lights going around the tree, it is easy for your toddler to reach it and grab it if they are placed at a lower height. The same is true with pets. In such cases, it’s best if you get a taller tree and hang the lights on the top half with more bling décor on the bottom half.  You can have any of the artificial trees customized to a taller height and re-use them again year after year.

The runner-up centerpiece

Clearly, the tree can be the centerpiece for your home during the holiday season. But don’t forget the mantle. This is an ideal spot to for expressive décor. Since it’s ready to decorate, you can immediately add your own brand of creativity! You can opt for fake jungle vines decked in fairy lights or take it one step ahead and pair them with candles. Dry branches and flames do not go well together, but these fake tree branches and vines are the perfect compliment. They are fire-retardant, which means even if they catch on fire, the flames won’t spread.

Overhaul the entrances

Having the perfect wreath at the front door is a nice welcome for family and other holiday guests. Many people tend to hang the wreath, the lights, the vines, small planter pots around the side too. This can add a nice additional touch to your outdoor decor. Or can can create a hazard. Don’t let Aunt Bertha trip on a stray cord!

Lights off now!

Do not forget to turn off the lights at night. This is a very common mistake people make. Keeping the lights on at night is not a great power preservation technique and can create another fire hazard. Have a few outlet timers set up to schedule turning off the lights after you go off to sleep.

It’s not all red and green

The holidays are no longer limited to traditional red and green décor. You might feel adventurous and go for a bit of white and gold  or another color scheme you prefer.  The holidays are all about family and friends so forget to add a special tradition when selecting colors to compliment your decor.

A new tree! Again?

If you’re tired of finding a real tree and disposing of it after the holiday, or if you just want to help the environment, artificial trees are a great alternative. They look very much alike their live counterparts, can remain looking fresh for years without much care, need no water, are fire-resistant, and have UV protection to ensure that they retain their color.

Be careful with the perfume

Scented candles are a nice addition that can help set the mood during holiday parties and get-togethers, but having too many of them is definitely a problem. Some people are allergic. Pets and small children can be especially sensitive. They can also damage your home. In this case, less is more.

Clean up before to make after easier

If you are moving things to set up decor or a tree, take the time to clean while spaces are empty. This helps even when you pack up after the holiday season is over.

DIY is a nice alternative

If you’re pressed for time and money and in search of last minute holiday décor, consider going the DIY route. Go on YouTube and get ideas to recreate the holiday décor that piques your interest. Look for wholesale silk plants and flowers, as they are a one-time investment and will save you tons of money in the coming years.

Pack it up!

Once the holidays are over, you might be in a hurry to pack up everything and get your house back in order. But take time to separate everything and place your decor thoughtfully into storage containers. This will save time AND money next year!



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