11 Ridiculous Things My Kids Fought Over Today


My two boys are only a year and a week a part, which means they share absolutely everything. As you can likely imagine, this leads to a lot of arguing about the most ridiculous things. I tell myself that they are teachable moments and that they build character (for me), but it doesn’t make it any less annoying when the unwarranted arguments begin. Let me give you just a few examples of the (almost) laughable things my kids fought over in the span of just one day.


Who touched the front door first.

They always race to the front door from the car and usually the loser falls to the ground in defeat, but today they just couldn’t agree on who touched the door first. They both insisted that they themselves touched it first and therefore won the race, I told them it was a tie. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say. I should have known.

Who got to sit on the left couch cushion.

I was making lunch when I heard someone scream. I ran into the living room expecting to see blood or fire or something. Nope, none of those things. They were shoving, squishing, and sitting on each other because both wanted to sit on the same exact spot on the couch. Never mind that it’s a big couch with plenty of identical space to sit on, never mind that we have other places to sit, never mind that it was perhaps the dumbest thing anyone has fought over in the history of ever. I ended up having to make them take turns sitting in that spot. Yes, I set the timer so they could each get a turn sitting on the left couch cushion. That really happened.

Who got to turn off the light.

I asked the 4-year-old to turn off the living room light, but the 5-year-old raced over and turned it off before his little brother could get there. Obviously, this was the end of the world because being the chosen one to flip a light switch is a huge honor. He was robbed.

Whether dinosaurs are real.

One of them insisted dinosaurs are real and maybe we would see one someday, the other one insisted that they are only pretend. It was a long-winded conversation that went like this:



“No! Real!”

“No! Pretend!”

for approximately eternity. It did end with them bringing out their toy dinosaurs (they agreed these ones were fake) and playing nicely with them, so at least there was that.

What color their LEGO character’s hands should be.

These kids are obsessed with taking apart LEGO characters and changing their shirts, heads, legs, hands, hair etc. Today’s big point of disagreement was red hands vs. blue hands. Since they share everything, they feel they always must agree on what their characters look like. By “agree” I mean they want the other one to agree with them and be fine with whatever they decide.

Who got the green plate.

They usually fight over the Darth Vader plate and I didn’t want to endure anymore arguments today, so I thought ahead and just gave them plain colored plates. They then fought over the green one; I brought out the Darth Vader plate to appease them both, but that made it even worse because of course it did.

Who got to put the silverware away when emptying the dishwasher.

I am always so conflicted about how to handle an argument when it involves them wanting to do a chore, but I told them that tasks are even more fun when you work on them together. They ended up begrudgingly sharing the chore; no one was stabbed with a fork, so I call it a win.

Whose toy alligator is whose.

They are literally the same alligator, bought from the same store at the exact same time, but they are different, apparently. You may think that if you get two kids the exact same toy they won’t fight over it, sorry to disappoint you, but they will find a way.

Who got to wet their toothbrush first.

They were both standing in front of the sink with their toothbrushes in hand, it would take a millisecond to get their toothbrush wet, yet they started wrestling over who would get to go first. They could have gotten 100 toothbrushes wet in the time it took them to fight over who could put theirs under the water first. In the end, I got their toothbrushes wet and they found something new to fight about.

Which YouTube channel to watch (from two identical channels).

If you were to ask my kids on any given day what they fight about (which I did before writing this post) they will instantly say, “We fight over watching “Playing with toys TV” or watching “Toy Lab TV””. (which seem exactly the same to me, by the way). They would sit for hours watching other kids playing with toys on YouTube if I let them, but they spend most of their allotted time (which is about long enough to watch one of each) arguing over which channel, of the two they have permission to watch, to choose. They are all just videos of kids playing with toys, most of which they could be playing with themselves; the whole thing is quite silly. However…I like watching YouTube videos of other moms cleaning their house or playing with their kids, so I guess I don’t really have room to talk.

Who loves their mom more.

Okay fine, they didn’t fight about this for very long and they might have been trying to butter me up to take them to the pool, but I had to include it because what mom wouldn’t want to brag about this one?

My kids may argue about the most ridiculous things (and I am surprised I haven’t pulled all my hair out yet), but they really do love each other. They are BEST buds, and if anyone else was to pick a fight with either of them, you better believe they would have each other’s backs. To be honest, I am a little bit jealous; being so innocent that your biggest complaint in life is not getting to sit on a certain side of the couch sounds kind of nice.


Brook has always wanted to make people laugh, lucky for her she gave birth to two hilarious boys who give her more than enough material to work with. She spends all her time at home taking care of her two little comedians, while also trying to squeeze in moments alone with her hubby. Brook can be found on her blog Stay Home Mama. Her favorite times of day are nap time, bed time and when she gets a new “like” on Facebook



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