12 Hilarious Tweets That Prove You Aren’t The Only Mom On The Hot Mess Express


Let’s face it, y’all. Most of us have been passengers on the hot mess express at least a few times on this parenting journey of ours. I mean, who can blame us? We are exhausted, we are overwhelmed, and we are expected to do absolutely everything for everyone all the time and OMG make it stop!


Luckily, these 12 hilarious moms are here to show you that being a hot mess is not only perfectly normal, but also it is completely hilarious.

Because here are just a few things hot mess moms have been known to do:

1.You hope no one sees you:

2. Or that, on the rare occasion you do look moderately put-together, everyone sees you:

3. Because you need to prove you have your act together:

4. But secretly your body is falling apart:

5. And you kinda look like death warmed over:

6. But you don’t have the energy to do anything about it:

7. Because you haven’t slept in 5 years:

8. (At least since you had the kids):

9. Or had a night out in 5 years:

10. But with the help of coffee:

11. And a lot of alcohol:

12. You are getting by:

Sort of, anyway. You’re doing the best you can, just like the rest of us- and it’s good enough!





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