16 Funny Tweets From Parents Who Are Just Trying To Survive Kid Sports


While we parents love encouraging our kids to “get out there & play!”, enrolling them into sports programs can be a time-consuming endeavor.

There are the entire weekends crammed with tournaments, the cost of uniforms, equipment, etc., and unpredictable weather issues to contend with.

And let’s not overlook the biggest hassle- basically living in your car the entire season as you chauffeur your kids to and from every sporting event.


These parents of Twitter are all too familiar with the stress of managing kids in sports, and have a hilarious way of sharing it!

  1. Even tackling the sign-up process for a sports program can be complicated.

2. It’s also pretty darn expensive…

3. Especially the equipment.

4. And when it comes to travel sports teams? Just.Say.NO.

5. Sometimes the prospect of your kid playing sports is better than the reality.

6. Kid sports have a way of taking up all your free time (which for some, is a good thing?)

7. Your Saturdays are no longer your own, because GAMES. Endless games.

8. Sundays are no longer sacred, either.

9. The sports schedule makes life busy, and dinner impossible.

10. The weather also makes it challenging for parents-

11. -and challenging for the kids, too.

12. Kids always seem to lose their equipment is when it’s most needed.

13. (Though some of them may think that’s a good thing!)

14. And the laundry. Good Lord, the LAUNDRY.

15. At least they’re learning all about sports, right? I mean, I guess? Maybe not.

16. But the most important thing is, the kids enjoy it. Well, sometimes.

Kids’ sports programs can be a hassle at times for us parents, but we still do it, & we love it (sometimes). See you on the soccer field- nice & early!





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