18 Funny Tweets From Parents Who Are Having A Little Too Much Fall “Fun”


Fall is officially here, and with comes the return of pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and the obligatory family trip to at least one fall festival.

If you’ve never paid way too much money to spend hours lugging pumpkins, picking hay out of your kid’s ears, or swearing at your spouse while hunting for a bathroom in a corn patch, are you even a parent?

Laugh along with the parents of Twitter as they share the stress of embarking on all the fall activities with the family and having so much “fun”.

  1. Fall festivals- there are a million of them. LITERALLY.

2. For pumpkin picking, however, you might have to travel a bit further.

3. Pumpkin picking is definitely a “hands-on” experience.

4. But the important thing is, the kids enjoy it. Or not so much.

5. A day at the pumpkin farm can end with tears- sometimes your own.

6. Apple picking is another EXPENSIVE, -I mean- fun fall activity to do with kids.

7. But first, be sure to set the kids’ expectations nice & low.

8. …and your spouse’s expectations, too.

9. Make sure you have a big wagon- and a big budget.

10. But at least you can enjoy the fruit of your picking labors… well, kind of.

11. If the kids get bored with pumpkins & apples, there’s always a *yawn* hayride.

12. Or a corn maze. Because free corn is nowhere near as exciting as the paid version.

13. Corn mazes can be tricky to navigate (and so can the lack of bathrooms)-

14. -especially for parents who’ve had one too many pumpkin beers.

15. Maybe those parents aren’t lost- they’re just hiding. Because, KIDS.

16. And you always end up having to go back & look for a kid (eventually, anyway).

17. At the end of the day, you’ll have special fall memories… to share online. Or else.

18. Sometimes it’s just easier to skip the patch and hit the produce aisle.

Pumpkin picking, apple picking, corn mazes… why do we FALL for them every year??



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