Naked Outdoor Enthusiast Promotes Body Positivity In A Way That Is Perfect For 2020


We’re told to “love the skin you’re in”, but for some that’s easier said than done. So many people are self-conscious about their bodies, & reserve nudity solely for either sexy-time or showering (or accidentally for your Snapchat friends, but that’s another story…).


And let’s be honest- for many of us, the pandemic has only resulted in MORE skin to love- as in more surface area. We’ve heard of unicorn quarantine “glow-ups”, where people have emerged like a lithe, fit butterfly fresh from a sleek cocoon.

And then there are the rest of us that nursed a nice quarantine blow-up (and UberEats, I blame you.) Many of us feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, & definitely not like a beautiful butterfly.

But folks, it’s time to throw off the chains of self-consciousness. Ditch the damaged body image issues. It’s 2020. And 2020 is the most insanely bizarre dumpster-fire year yet, so it’s time to embrace your own bod and… do, really.

Preferably naked.

One man’s inspiring Facebook posts are encouraging followers to “love the skin you’re in” & he’s leading by example by showing plenty of skin on his outdoor adventures.

And by “plenty of skin”, we mean… well, ALL of it.

Photo Credit: @400northcreative, featured by Brian Coones (Facebook)

Brian Coones of Boulder, CO is a professional mind & body coach that specializes in healing arts, yoga, Tantra, Thai massage, & fitness.

He runs his own company, Brian Coones Yoga and Adventures, connecting with his audience via his business Facebook page.

Brian’s personal -and business- philosophy can likely be summed up in his own words:

Do what you love, love what you do, live and share your passions”

Sounds inspiring, no? (So does that Thai massage, by the way. I’ll have one, please & thank you. Maybe with a side of Tantra?)

Strap on your seatbelts, kids, because once you get a look at Brian living large, you’re going to realize that you’ve been doing 2020 -and probably LIFE- at 50% capacity.

Brian’s goal is to motivate people to let go of their physical hang-ups and insecurities, and he certainly leads by example!

Photo Credit: @petergrantstudios, Brian Coones (Facebook)

I’m not sure what’s more fascinating here- the sinewy marble of the sculpted muscles on full display here, or the fact that he has somehow managed to defy gravity…. and look comfortable doing it, too.

You have thoughts. Yup. We all do. But that’s precisely Brian’s point; accompanying this pic is his post description that urges followers to:

Let go of:

– the judgements you place upon yourself and others

(Oh, snap. Note the “and others” part, so stop judging his nakedness here, you Judgy-McJudgerson. That’s his point.)

-the attachments that are holding you back and draining your energy.

I’m not sure what attachments might be holding me back, but if letting go of them could give me the energy to do THIS, well, then sign me UP.

Along with Brian’s inspiring words, his hashtags speak volumes, including:

#BeFree #BodyPositivity #LoveYourSkin #LoveYourBody #CrazySexyYoga #Nature #SundayVibes

This is definitely crazier & sexier than my 21-Day-Fix yoga videos, that much I can say. And as for #SundayVibes? My #SundayVibe is more “park on the couch with a book & copious amounts of cheese”, but Brian’s Sundays DO look a lot more… freeing!

And a whole lot more flexible. And draftier, surely.

Photo Credit: @petergrantstudios, Brian Coones (Facebook)

 Brian doesn’t limit himself to naked yoga, however. And here’s where things get more intense.

You may be looking at these yoga pics & scoffing, “Sure, ANYONE can throw a few yoga poses up while naked- big deal.” (YOU may be. Not me. I’m still marveling over Brian’s ability to fold his body into angles I thought only a compass could make.)

But Brian’s not one to stop at merely nude yoga, friends. When it comes to outdoor adventures, he’s more a “go big or go home” kind of guy.

And when it comes to BIG, the bigger the rocks… the better.

Photo Credit: @thetravelproxy, Brian Coones (Facebook)

While I’m all for nude yoga, nude rock climbing gives me pause. Props for the safety factor, of course, but you KNOW those harnesses have to give some major chafe.

I’m getting stressed just thinking about the scraping that granite could do to the tenderloins, you know?

And then there’s THIS:

Photo Credit: @erickmonterrosa.official, Brian Coones (Facebook)

No harness. It’s dark, and forbidding, & looks like he’s scaling the walls of Mordor. That black crumbly rock looks like it would pebble into places the sun don’t shine…

Wait a minute. Never mind. It shines into every crack & crevice, & I do mean

Photo Credit: The Travel Proxy, Chris Coones (Facebook)

This one’s a hard pass for me. While Brian (and granted, many others) extols the benefits of sunning your perineum for a big energy boost, I’ll skip the perineal peek-a-book & stick to coffee.

But you have to give Brian credit for his reasoning in advocating for butthole sunning:

If more people received nourishing light particles through their anus I believe there would be far less assholes in the world.

(TRUTH. If more people sunning their assholes resulted in less assholes spewing their grumpiness into the world, well, then, assume the position, people!)

While Brian Coone’s nude rock-climbing exploits may seem excessive to some, his “cheeky” message sincerely promotes body positivity, which is an uplifting & important message.

Brian’s pictures certainly display his vulnerability (among other things), but that’s the end goal- for himself & for others:

To be in a place where you love and appreciate your body, where you feel comfortable living in your own skin is a great place to be.

Photo Credit: @petergrantstudios, Brian Coones (Facebook)

And let’s face it- Brian’s definitely a great role model for his body positivity message; he talks the talk but also walks the walk (And climbs it. And flips over it. And folds like a muscle-bound pretzel into it).

The goal: love the skin you’re in. Work to own your body, to nurture it, to enjoy it- in any & ALL stages of life. In Brian’s own words- stop gawking & start moving:

Rather then staring at my ass on social media how about you get off your ass so you can come stare at mine in person at 6pm, Yin Yoga at Movement Climbing Gym in Boulder.

(Well played, sir.)


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