18 Funny Tweets About The Reality Of Raising Tweens & Teens


If you’re in the throes of the ‘terrible twos” with your toddler, then you sometimes long for the days when that stage is well behind you, because…. parenting older kids is easier, right? 


BAHAHA! Gather round, you young innocent parent souls, & let us educate you on the reality of living with tweens & teens.

Remember your sweet, cuddly young baby? GONE. In the blink of an eye, you find yourself submerged into a deep sea of hormones, puberty, odd smells (both their bodies and their rooms), and moods that jerk you around like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. 

You are no longer cool. In fact, you are quite the opposite: you are uncool. Lame, even.

Or whatever word kids are using these days to describe lame things, because, again, WE ARE OLD AND UNCOOL. And you know nothing, because tweens & teens are confident that they both know and can do everything–  until they ask you for a ride, or money, or to buy food, etc. 

Parenting teens and tweens is a roller coaster ride that we all have to get through as parents. And the parents of twitter let us know that we’re not alone. 

  1. If you’re raising toddlers, look on the bright side- teens are pretty similar, actually.

2. Let’s first address the obvious part of living with teens- hormones. THAT’S fun!

3. But believe me, boys in puberty can be unpleasant, too. *pinches nose shut*

4. Tweens & teens just love to point out how uncool you now are.

5. In fact, they’re convinced that you’re trying to make THEM as uncool as you now are.

6. (That is, if they even bother to talk to you in the first place…)

7. But tweens (and teens) are more than happy to argue with you- anywhere, anytime!

8. And they’re convinced they know everything– or at least more than you. Always.

9. You never know what mood you’ll find them in… especially in the AM hours.

10. Not that you really want to go into that room anyway, because YIKES.

11. Getting a tween/teen to keep their room clean feels like a battle.

12. Actually, getting a tween/teen to do ANYTHING can feel like a battle.

13. Unless they want something, of course. And they always want something.

14. And the RIDES. Oh, the endless rides. You’re an Uber now. 

15. The only thing worse than being an eternal driver- being the passenger as your TEEN drives. 

16. Admit it- you were warned!

17. But parenting a tween or teen can be fun sometimes- for YOU. Not them.

18. With the support of one another, we WILL make it through this awkward phase of parenting!

And no worries- your kid will one day realize you’re actually a cool person with great life advice to offer… once he or she is raising a teen that is just.like.them!




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