18 Hilarious Parenting Tweets About The Hell Of Daylight Saving Time


Now that Halloween is over, we’re just in time to shake off our post sugar-binge haze as we hit the end of Daylight Saving time this weekend. For some of you, just reading that was a public service announcement; you didn’t even realize it was coming (and FYI- it’s Sunday, November 4, at 2am).

For others, you forget the whole “fall back” concept, & can’t remember if you turn your clocks forward, or backward, or how to even change the clock on your microwave in the first place. It can get messy.

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Although we technically “gain” an hour now that Daylight Saving ends, these Twitter parents will make you laugh as they point out why that’s not as good as it may sound!

  1. We parents know Daylight Saving ends right around Halloween- and we DREAD it.

2. First of all, we’re still trying to recover from Halloween itself.

3. No one ever even gets what’s happening- it’s mass confusion.

4. The concept of an extra hour USED to be cool…

5. … before KIDS. Now, not so much.

6. But at least you can get more done… *sigh*

7. I mean, who thought this was a good idea??

8. The time change is confusing. And for parents, the time change seems ENDLESS.

9. An extra hour of time seems like a good thing, but in reality… not so much.

10. It may seem like you’re getting an extra hour of sleep, but surprise! NOPE!

11. I mean, there are some perks to that extra hour. I guess…?

12. The end of Daylight Saving makes everything last longer. I mean everything.

13. Kid bedtime seems endlessly far away for that first day or two…

14. It takes a few days for bedtime to seem dark enough, which makes kids suspicious.

15. And kids still try to protest it. Every.Single.Night.

16. There ARE ways to cope with Daylight Saving ending… thanks, Grandma!

17. In the end, it’s just another day of parenthood (an hour longer of a day, but still).

18. But we feel your pain!

Hang in there, parents! Continue to raid your kids’ Halloween candy stash, because you’ll need the sugar rush to keep up with your kiddos for that extra hour…


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