18 Funny Tweets About The Insanity Of Parenting Three-Year-Olds


There’s a lot of talk about the infamous “terrible twos”, but if you’re lucky enough to escape that phase relatively unscathed, you might as well throw out your parenting playbook- it’s a whole new game when dealing with a three year old.

Three-year-olds are a unique breed of human being; they want what they want when they want it, and they are prepared to argue to the death for it. They’re messy, they’re defiant, they’re moody, they’re loud- and often unintentionally hilarious!


If you’re in the throes of parenting a 3-year-old, then take comfort from these Twitter parents that are right there in it with you, or have lived to tell the tale.

  1. Just keeping 3-year-olds alive and in one piece is a full-time job for parents.

2. They can’t be left alone even for a second; 3-year-olds can wreak havoc instantly.

3. Then again, they can also wreak havoc when they’re not alone.

4. They’re the pickiest eaters imaginable.

5. Well, unless it’s YOUR food, which suddenly becomes way more appealing.

6. Food remnants littered with germs are tasty, too. Apparently.

7. In fact, 3-year-olds seem to love germs- especially sharing them.

8. Speaking of sharing: they want to keep all.the.things.

9. And when I say all the things, I mean ALL.

10. And once they have everything, they want to bring it all with them, everywhere.

11. Three-year-olds have a knack for public humiliation (yours, not theirs).

12. No one is spared in their “observations”.

13. They have big mouths…

14. … that are full of sharp teeth. Ouch!

15. Seriously- 3-year-olds are fierce.

16. There’s a reason they’re called “threenagers”, because they can be MOODY.

17. And like teenagers, they love to argue.

18. But at least they make us laugh… even if we’re crying on the inside.

Three-year-olds are strange creatures indeed, but their antics keep us laughing (when we’re not crying because of those same antics, of course…!).



  1. My 12yo son(3 at the time) will be S, his father F, and me M.

    S: mommy I love you as much as I love cows.
    M: thanks…….i think
    S: I really like cows.
    (A few minutes later, me telling dad about this conversation)

    M: S said he loves me more than he loves cows.
    S: no mommy! I said I love you as MUCH as I love cows.

    (A few minutes later S talking to F)
    S: I love EVERYTHING as much as I love cows
    F: shut up son. You’re not helping your case


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