18 Tweets About Why Playing Games With Kids Isn’t Always Fun & Games


Childhood is supposed to be a time filled with play, which is all well & good until your kids want YOU to play with them. While there are sweet memories to be made as you play with your kids, it can be CHALLENGING to participate in the games that they create (or alter to their liking).


These hilarious Twitter parents illustrate how playing with your kids is all fun & games… until it isn’t.

  1. It can be daunting to get kids off the electronics & back into “real” play.

2. Just getting down on their level can be a challenge. Physically.

3. What starts as a simple game together seems to drag on FOREVER.

4. Because sometimes, kids’ board games are just BORING.

5. Or violent.

6. It’s all fun & games until you’re the one assigned to clean up…

7. …which is pretty much what real life is like, anyway.

8. Even the imaginative games kids create that could be fun have a catch.

9. Or involve food. Because, SNACKS. It’s always about the snacks.

10. Kids come up with their own arbitrary rules for how the game will go.

11. You try to teach them the reality of competition…

12. But kids want to win. And will do whatever they can to ensure it.

13. The rules of their games become a little… subjective.

14. Or kids will just… cheat.

15. But if they still don’t win, then you cheated. Apparently.

16. Sometimes your kid winning is a win for you, too.

17. Family play time can often end with a bang (or a table flip. And tears).

18. That’s why playing together is best in short spurts. Or no spurts.

Playing with your kids is important, but not playing with them can be a win sometimes, too!



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