25 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Mother’s Day For Moms


Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Aside from the fact that we finally get some recognition for all the amazing, selfless contributions we make, we hopefully get to enjoy watching our significant others take over mom-duties for the day while we sleep in a few extra minutes. (A mom can dream, can’t she?)


But, like any holiday involving kids, things will not go as planned — the pancakes will burn, the dishes will break, and someone will definitely forget it’s Mother’s Day — because, let’s be honest, this is the one day of the year we aren’t managing all the details

Thankfully, the hilarious parents of Twitter are keeping it real, as always, and helping us laugh at all the WTH and OMG moments of Mother’s Day. 

1. Ready or not, Mother’s Day is coming. 

2. In case you need a friendly reminder. 

3. Now is the time to make those purchases.

4. Because I don’t want my gift looking like this. 

5. Practice drills are always a good idea.

6. Because I do want something — even if I tell you otherwise.

7. And I don’t want to share it.

7. Oh, and please include a card. 

8. Or am I responsible for buying everyone’s cards and gifts this year, too?

9. Don’t you daaare say it!

10. I will find you.

11. In all seriousness though, can I give you a few gift suggestions?

12. This would be amazing.

13. This would be even more amazing. 

14. Not this.

15. 100% not this. 

16. She has the right idea.

17. But I’m usually lucky if I get a whole 22 minutes.

18. Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes, babe.

19. But please stop telling me to relax.

20. Because I just know this is happening in my kitchen. 

21. I guess it’s the thought that counts, right?

22. Especially when my kids give me these. 

23. Or say this. 

24. Or this. 

25. I really am looking forward to it though. 

And all the sweet, loving, hilarious gestures that go along with it.

Lauren Lodder earned her BA from UC Berkeley and her MA from CSUF. Before becoming a freelance writer, she taught writing and literature classes at the college level. You can find her on Facebookand on Twitter. Her work has appeared on HuffPost, Scary Mommy, Babble, Buzzfeed, The Mighty, among others.


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