50 Hobbies for Moms Who Need Some Self Care


I have three boys under five. We are fortunate to have a nice house (that is never clean) a big yard, multiple pets and a great dad/husband who works really hard and still manages to help around the house. But, the truth is, I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies or self care. 


I work from home writing and pet sitting, momm-ing and trying not to resent my dirty house that I really hate cleaning. It’s just futile. No matter how much cleaning you do, it gets dirty five minutes later.

My husband has a few outlets outside of the home-basketball, baseball, softball…to name a few. I started thinking about things I could do outside of the home (or not) that would be pastimes I would enjoy. I’ve put together a list of activities to try to give me an outlet because to be honest, having something for yourself is a big part of self care, too.

All moms need an outlet. So, it's good to find a hobby that you can enjoy as a mother to help you practice some self care in your life. Don't put yourself on hold. Use these 50 self care activities to jump start a self care routine today. #selfcare #selfcareideas #selfcareformoms #momlife #motherhood #selfcareidea #selfcareroutine #selfcareactivities

50 Hobbies for Moms To Do That Doesn’t Involve Being A Mom or A Wife

  1. Learn a foreign language. It’s enriching; it’s interesting; it’s fun to be able to talk back to your kids without their understanding. There are options from Rosetta Stone to community college (which is actually cheaper than Rosetta Stone AND you get to leave the house).
  2. Take up running. This one hurts unless you’re already a runner.
  3. Take up power walking. This one hurts less.
  4. Take up lazy walking. This one doesn’t hurt at all! It’s best practiced with a semi-lazy dog at your side.
  5. Join a gym. This one has varying levels of pain.
  6. Learn how to knit. This one’s pretty easy, especially if you only want to make scarves.
  7. Learn how to crochet. This one seems harder, though I’ve never tried.
  8. Take up gardening. This sounds fun until you remember weeds.
  9. Do crosswords. This is a good way to brain.
  10. Do word searches. A slightly easier way to brain.
  11. Fly a kite. I don’t know why but my husband is always suggesting this. I have no interest whatsoever. It never works unless you’re at the beach anyway.
  12. Take up dancing. This could be in the form of tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop or club dancing. Though, I wouldn’t recommend the last one.
  13. Learn yoga. This could be in the boring category but I love yoga. I need to do it more and without children trying to hang on me and make me break my neck. Check out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube-she’s goofy, fun and has tons of options.All moms need an outlet. So, it's good to find a hobby that you can enjoy as a mother to help you practice some self care in your life. Don't put yourself on hold. Use these 50 self care activities to jump start a self care routine today. #selfcare #selfcareideas #selfcareformoms #momlife #motherhood #selfcareidea #selfcareroutine #selfcareactivities
  14. Learn pilates. Like yoga but more painful maybe?
  15. Learn Tai Chi. I don’t know a lot about Tai Chi but according to the Mayo Clinic it is a gentle way to fight stress.
  16. Learn a musical instrument. I play three poorly and one decently. It’d be good if I could get better at at least one of those. In case you’re wondering the instruments are piano, guitar, ukulele, and clarinet. I’ll let you guess which I’m best at!
  17. Take up parkour. This one has a high level of hurtiness.
  18. Take up woodworking. This is expensive if you don’t have the materials on hand. Aside: While researching hobbies, I found sites that were dedicated to men and some for women. This came from the men’s site but what do they know? Women can do it too.
  19. Take up canoeing or kayaking. This one has a high level of fun. It’s also recommended for men who are manly. Or women who are manly. Or women who are not manly. Or teenagers. Or kids. Or really strong babies.
  20. Take up lock picking. I don’t know why this is mentioned on the Art of Manliness. I guess if you’re preparing for your second career as a cat burglar, it would be a good choice of hobby. Note: Cat burglars do not burgle cats exclusively.
  21. Take up classic car restoration. Some people are car people. I’m not.
  22. Take up barbecuing. This is a more fun way of making dinner.
  23. Solo camping? Yes, please.
  24. Learn how to make candles. I’m doing this one. It’s mine.
  25. Become a gold prospector. Why?
  26. Take up baking. Because, yum.
  27. Learn how to make bread. Because also, yum.
  28. Learn how to paint. Test this out by painting in one of those studios that teach you how. Or for a less expensive route, YouTube.
  29. Do puzzles. In a room. By yourself. With your beverage of choice and a good show.
  30. Spelunking. YES! Except, bats.
  31. Try a sport. I played soccer in high school, not very well but there you go. I love kicking the ball. Not so keen on all the running. I’d like to play softball but I don’t want anyone I know to watch me.
  32. Discover microscopy. Pros: really cool. Cons: you need a microscope.
  33. Go to a Renaissance Fair. I’ve always been curious.
  34. Taxidermy. Why?
  35. Take up photography. Fun, plus bonus, no more expensive photo sessions. Simply invest in a decent camera and tripod or any surface of appropriate height.
  36. Collecting. Because you always need more stuff.
  37. Learn how to make soap. Me. Mine. I’m doing it.
  38. Learn how to quilt. I want to.
  39. Reading. Lovely way to escape without leaving the house. Make sure to perform this solo.
  40. Writing. Journaling, blogging or freelancing. Also best performed solo.

Mom Group Activities

  1. Ladies night out. Always fun.
  2. Girls’ night in. Sometimes more fun.
  3. Mom camping. But no kids.
  4. Bowling. Always fun.
  5. Pool. The game not the wet place. Pro: fun. Con: If you don’t know someone with a pool table, you probably have to go to a bar. Not a con for everyone, though.
  6. Pool. The wet place.
  7. Plan an all-women’s kickball game.
  8. Karaoke.
  9. Book club. For the bookworms.
  10. Game night. Always fun!

There you have it! Fifty ideas for moms who want an outlet and need to practice self care. Personally, writing this has given me lots of good ideas of things to try. My favorites are candle making, soap making, learning a foreign language (I’m, like, halfway to almost close to fluent in Spanish), solo camping and mom camping.

Moms, are you with me? Let’s go camping, in Spanish, while making candles over the fire.

If anyone tries some of these things, let us know in the comments.

A version of this post originally appeared on The Undomestic Goddess


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