For Mother’s Day, Kraft Is Going To Pay For Your Babysitter. No, Really.


Mother’s Day is around the corner, & if you’re like most tired, overworked moms, the best gift your family could give you is some time off. If you ask moms what their dream Mother’s Day would look like, the vast majority of them would immediately tell you that they want time alone.


The day is supposed to be celebrated with macaroni jewelry, some kind of breakfast/brunch event, and your family lavishing love on you in their own special way…. which usually leaves a special mess for YOU to clean up…

While we absolutely adore our families, we work extremely hard for them & can use a break now & then.

The perfect way to celebrate moms that do everything for their families is to really, truly give them a few hours to NOT have to do everything we do the other 364 days a year. 

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has always been a favorite dish among kids, and know that moms are some of their very best customers. In appreciation of their best customers, Kraft is providing a super sweet offer, & it’s one of the best ideas ever!

In celebration of mothers everywhere, Kraft is sponsoring a “Mother’s Day Away”. The company has offered to reimburse mothers who hire a babysitter for a day.

No, seriously.

Photo Credit: Kraft

Now just to clarify, the offer says that the babysitting could take place and receipts could be sent in starting on Mother’s day and go until the 19th, so you can make sure you have time to take advantage of this cool opportunity. 

Here’s how it works: The first step is to hire one of your own babysitters.

Once your sitter arrives, you hightail it right on out of there & enjoy a bit of your Mother’s Day gift-to-yourself in peace. Go get some coffee. I mean, skip the drive-thru this time. With no kids, you can actually go in and order. And even sit… and drink it! But be careful- the coffee will be really hot. You remember what hot coffee tasted like (pre-kids), right?

You can spend your free time however you choose. And once you return to your home (and you will have to return- that’s part of the deal), create a receipt that validates the babysitting services provided.

While the website doesn’t provide exact instructions regarding the contents of the receipt, be sure to include the date, times of service, the babysitter’s name, and signatures from both you and your sitter.

The next step: On Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12), head over to Kraft’s website and upload your babysitting receipt. Kraft will then reimburse you up to $100 of your babysitting bill.

Think how much more you’ll enjoy your Mother’s Day if you’ve treated yourself to some much-deserved “me” time prior to Sunday!

There are, of course, some terms that apply. According to the website:

The offer ends at 11:59pm on 5/19/19 or while funds remain available, whichever is sooner.

If you take advantage of the offer, be sure to submit your receipt as soon as possible in order to ensure your reimbursement.


(Wish it were one request per kid, because with six kids, I could REALLY use multiple outings. Just saying.)


Sorry, Teen Moms. This one’s not for you. 


Babysitting doesn’t come cheap these days, so be mindful of how many hours you’re enjoying your break.

While you could always offset Kraft’s contribution with your own money, keep the $100 limit in mind.


The reimbursement isn’t instant, so keep that in mind to make sure your budget can absorb the wait.

Every mom could use a break now & then, so it’s a great gift. But what’s even more meaningful is the idea that a nationally recognized brand is championing the constant effort of mothers everywhere by offering to PAY for a break. They want to help make it happen, because it should be happening. 

You deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day by the family you lavish love on. But you also deserve to take time away for some self-care; let Kraft make it happen for you!

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