The ABCs of Childhood ZZZs (INFOGRAPHIC)


Putting your child to bed and promoting healthy rest from an early age has many more benefits beyond quiet time for mom and dad. Without a doubt we know that sleep is an important aspect of anyone’s life regardless of our age. As we grow into adulthood our sleep tends to plateau and become more habitual than our earliest years. Those precious vitamin ZZZs are most important and fragile throughout childhood as the body grows, develops and requires different wake/sleep routines. Next time you try to push past a nap, to get more hours out of bedtime later, consider the impacts and recommended sleep requirements. A healthy dose of ZZZs can greatly impact your physical, mental and emotional health – and these are especially amplified for growing children.

The better sleep enthusiasts at Casper understand that what grows up, must lie down. Bedtime essentials are just as important as the hours of rest required – for both Mom, Dad, & baby alike! Check out the guide below to help you make the most of your little one’s dreamiest hours. Once they outgrow those cribs, consider and discover the benefits of foam mattresses for optimal rest and a lifetime of ZZZs for the entire family.


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