“Are Bald Coochies Still In?” TikTok User Asks Sparking The Most HILARIOUS Comments


Hair trends come and go and sometimes, it can be hard to keep up. Remember the mohawk? Or when bald was beautiful? Or how about when wigs were all the rage?


And just in case you missed it, I’m not talking about the hair on your head.

Ohhhhh no. Let’s not beat around the bush, we’re talking pubes, peeps. As in your smirkin’ merkin. Your gorilla salad. Your bikini beard.

Call it what you want but women’s pubic hair has been the recipient of its fair share of styles. From naked mole-rat to snatchsquatch to everything in-between, our vajajays have SEEN.IT.ALL.

So it’s no wonder, that it can be confusing. Which is why one woman took to social media looking for answers (as one does.)

TikToker Leah Van Laanen posed the following question to her followers: Are bald coochies still in?

Photo Credit: @lelavanlaanen/TikTok

Are they? 

Apparently, Leah has been sporting the same style since the 2000s (the bald eagle), but she’s starting to wonder, is that what women do these days?

She captioned her video with “Help an elder millennial out,” and asked:

This question is for my ladies. From, like, a fashion standpoint what are we doing with pubes these days?

I realize that I’ve been doing the same thing since the 2000s when it started coming in…you shaved it right off. So like, what are we doing? Has it changed? Is it the same? Let me know.

And hairy mary, there were answers. Like, A LOT. People came out in droves to educate Leah on landscaping her lady garden, with hilarious results.

The video, which has racked up over 511K likes and 92K shares since it was posted a few days ago, has received over 46K comments.

And it’s clear when it comes to your whisker biscuit? Pretty much anything goes.

Some prefer it curly:

Others? Like it straight:

And then there’s the “half and half” for those who just can’t make up their minds:

Of course, there are those who like to put a bit more “style” into their parsley patch. 

And by “style” I mean a ponytail – it’s both stylish and functional.

Want to take it up a notch? Why not add a Bumpbit?

And for those who want to go the extra mile? Bring on the bling!

That’s right ladies, you too can bring the accessories to your frilly taco party and vajazzle your poodle with glitter, butterfly clips, and more.

Just like these women.


But that’s not all! There’s more! Some women like their mon pubis to have a greater purpose, to make the world a better place (or at least, their world a warmer place…)

Speaking of men…some men couldn’t resist the urge and decided that now was a good time to cast their votes and voice their opinion for all to hear. Like Steve. Hahaha. Oh Steve.

To which, one commenter responded in quite possibly the BEST WAY EVER.

As for what’s in stock? It’s obvious it varies with personal preference, circumstances, and current events all being factors.

OMG, same girl, saaaaaaame. Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games…

And if you’re wondering what a merkin is? It’s a wig. For your genitals. You’re welcome.

Of course, we’re not ALL Jenny McCarthy. Some of us like to cut our grass. Or laser the whole cotton candy canoe.

As for what exactly is the right answer? A couple of professionals chimed in:

So yeah, there is no right answer. Are bald coochies still in? Yes. And no.

Obviously, most of these comments are comedic genius at their peak. People are not really putting their pubes in messy buns and ponytails (although vajazzling is REAL. Google it.)

Whether you want to mow your lawn, weave your basket, or wax off the whole kit n’ caboodle of your canoodle, it’s totally up to you.

Go ahead, get the Brazilian Wax, The Hollywood, The Landing Strip. Go for the Bermuda Triangle, The Martini Glass, or The Postage Stamp. Or do nothing at all (and use your extra time to check out more of the comments in the video below.)


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? original sound – Leah Van Laanen



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