Mom’s Hilarious Post-It Notes For Walmart Employees Are The Laugh We All Need Right Now


In the course of just a few weeks, our lives have completely changed. The majority of the country is in some form of lockdown, businesses have closed their doors, and many of us are now spending quality time at home.

With the ones we love. 24 hours a day. Evvvvv-er-y.Day. All day long. Yup.


But for those people working on the frontlines, they don’t have the luxury of staying safe behind closed doors.

They are out there, fighting the good fight. They are putting their lives at risk, to help and serve others.

While most of us tend to think about our medical professionals, our doctors, and nurses, and our first responders, they are not the only ones. 

There are the others. Our grocery store employees. Who have also witnessed first-hand the horrors and subsequent fall-out of life in the time of a pandemic.

Their workplace has become its own battlefield. They are overworked, over-stressed, and underpaid. And in the midst of all the crazy, they are the ones who have had to deal with mass panic, hysteria, and hoarding.

Step away from the toilet paper, Karen. Step away.

In an effort to spread some much-needed cheer in a world gone mad, mom of 5, Amy Cook decided to surprise her local Walmart employees with a few strategically placed Post-It notes.

And the messages she has written on them? Priceless.

Amy posted pictures of the Post-Its to her Facebook page and they have since gone viral. Because quite frankly? We could all use a good laugh right about now. 

In her post, she explains what prompted her to take action:

My goal was to reach the stressed overworked employees and make them laugh especially with all of the horrible customers they have been dealing with and the exhausting back breaking labor they’ve been putting in to keep the shelves loaded as best they can.

To all retail employees, we LOVE and appreciate you and hope for your health and safety! I hope you found these entertaining and not annoying. 

She placed the Post-Its throughout the store, targeting items that have special meaning in light of current events. Well, one event. Coronavirus. Because that’s all there is now.

2020 is in serious need of a reboot. 

“Somebody needs to uninstall 2020 and reinstall it. I think it has a virus.”

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

And if that doesn’t work, someone needs to call in the Rock. He really needs to finish this game. Sooner rather than later, please.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

In the meantime, what the world needs now is LOVE. Sweet love. And cheese. Because there’s no toilet paper.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

Oh wait, found some.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

But you still might want to think twice before buying that can of beans. 

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

Because you know what they say, “Beans, beans, are good for your heart, the more you eat ’em the more you fart.” Although, as Amy says, “If you can smell their fart, you’re not far enough apart.”

Social distancing people. 

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

And while we’re on the topic of social distancing…The CDC has something to say to Kelis about those milkshakes bringing ALL the boys to the yard. It’s gotta stop Kelis. 

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

She’s not the only one who’s had to stop.

“Post Malone suspended his tour. Does this make him Postponed Malone?”

Bahahahahahahahaha…(It’s possible I laughed a little too hard at this one).

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

Now is not the time for concerts. Or allergies, apparently: 

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

And whatever you do, don’t sneeze. And if you feel one coming? Say “bananas, bananas, bananas.” Trust me, it works.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

The world feels dark right now but we can’t lose hope. “I know that there is pain, but you hold on for one more day. Break free from the chains.” (Sing it with me!)

And say no to drugs. Yes to nuggs.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

And a really BIG bottle of whiskey. You’re gonna need it.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

But above all else, take some time to relax and just breathe. Enjoy doing nothing. (Unless you have kids, in which case you are always doing something. Because they are incapable of practicing 2020’s new motto. But go ahead and try.)

“Today, I will do absolutely nothing.” – Quarantine 2020 motto.

Image Credit: Facebook/AmyCook

Amy’s messages have already garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of thousands of shares. It’s obvious that these are the Post-Its we need in our lives right now. 

She ends her Facebook post with the following:

Side note: If you saw these shopping I hope they made you laugh. please don’t run to Walmart just to find them…practice safety and stay home unless you need groceries. And WASH YO HANDS. Thank you.

And if you do happen to be in your local Walmart or grocery store? Take a moment to stop and say “thank you” to the employees. From a safe distance. 6 feet away. Because they deserve ALL the love.   

You can catch more of Amy’s messages here:

Went to Walmart this morning to fill the cupboards and freezer (also had some old guy behind me in line call me an idiot…

Posted by Amy Cook on Friday, March 20, 2020


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