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BA Eubank is a wife and mother of 5 children. She has been through all the stages from colicky baby to one who has left the nest. She squeezes writing in between playing referee and asking the dog what's in his mouth. Her work has appeared on Her View From Home, Blunt Moms, and Red Tricycle. You can follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/baeubank

No, I Don’t Want a Year In Review Pandemic Post

This past year has been the absolute worst. And as we now have reached the one-year mark in this pandemic, everyone is posting how...

Here’s Why Christmas Stresses Me (and Every Other Mom) The Hell Out

I am one stressed out chic from November first to January second. Christmas stresses me the hell out. It starts slowly and builds to...

Most Advice About Parenting a Defiant Child Is Total Bullshit – Here’s What It’s...

You know the kid I'm talking about. The one who hugs you tight, then in a millisecond, he’s a raging tornado destroying everything in his path.

I Wish I Could Tell My Husband I’m Drowning Too

What I wish I could say to my husband -  I wish I could tell you how I'm feeling. I really do, yet the words...