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Celeste is a popular blogger and personality who writes about all things parenting. Recently her "Dear Husband" post went viral to tens of millions of readers around the world. Celeste shared her frustrations with the workload for moms and pressure we face to run the household, even as many of us return to work. Celeste's writing resonates with mothers everywhere, and she speaks with a candor and honesty that is unusual in this world of filters.

I just got BERATED in the doctors office waiting room

My kids were quietly listening to a show on their iPad. Like volume 2 quiet. Like quieter than the jazz fusion music playing on...

As A Working Mom, Most Days Feel Like A Dance

It's a miracle I'm even here... These are the words I mumble to myself when I sit down at my desk every day. The fact that...

Since When Did Kids Become The Bad Guys For Just Existing?

I just got BERATED in the doctors office waiting room. My kids were quietly listening to a show on their iPad. Like volume 2 quiet....

These Middle Years of Life are Hard

These middle years of life are hard. We are done having kids and are now focused on shaping and nurturing and growing these little humans. The...

Mama, This Season is the Hardest

Mama, this season is the hardest When they're little babies and you're constantly checking their breathing, or you're bemoaning their off-kilter sleep cycle. Their poop looks...

I’m a Mom Who Decided to Quit Drinking

Today is a big day. It's the one year anniversary of the day I decided I had enough. I put the bottle down. I...

Sorry If I Don’t Describe Parenting As Magical

Parenting is challenging. And it's rewarding for sure.   But the Pampers ads and the viral videos of gurgling babies wrapped in their mamas arms aim...

Lately I’ve Felt Overcome With Rage

I'm furious. At my kids. At my partner. At this situation. But more than anyone, I'm so angry at myself. Why can't I do this gracefully? Why can't I be the mom I want to be? The mom my kids need and the wife my partner needs?

Dear Husband, I Need More Help

Dear Husband, I. Need. More. Help. Last night was hard for you. I asked you to watch the baby so I could go to bed early. The...