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Claudia Caramiello
Claudia Caramiello is a certified pharmacy technician by day, freelance writer by night, mom of two boys day and night. Her work had been featured on Scary Mommy, Bluntmoms, Her View From Home, Grown and Flown, and Elephant Journal. She relies on DoorDash, dogs, and humor to keep herself sane.
woman on toilet with IBS

Having Kids And IBS Is A Pain In The Butt

“Mom, you’re still in the bathroom!?”  “You have to go again?”  “I’ve paused the movie twice already -- this is really annoying.”  Oh the joys of having...
teenager rolling eyes at mom

Everything I Do Annoys My Teenager — Including Being Myself

Pretty much everything I do annoys my teenager. I’ve gotten used to my role - an old person who knows nothing and is embarrassing. Normally it doesn’t bother me, yet when it puts a damper on freely expressing myself, it starts to cramp my style.