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Emily Solberg is a perpetually exhausted but grateful mama of two under two based in Washington, DC. In her minimal free time, she enjoys binge-watching episodes of The Crown, freelancing, and putting on a service uniform that doesn't include leggings and a drool-covered hoodie (just call her G.I. Jane). Find more from her on her Facebook page, Shower Arguments.

This is Why Moms Are Always the Last Ones Out of the House

I used to wonder why my mom was always the last one out of the house. I thought for a while it was because she...

Tired Doesn’t Cut It Anymore—We Are Carrying the Weight of the World

Tired just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m sick of hearing myself say that, in fact. “(Sigh.) I’m just so tired.” No, no. I have to remind...

Decision Fatigue Is Real During A Pandemic. That’s Why We’re Having Cereal For Dinner.

Tonight we are having cereal for dinner. In my defense, my husband started it. He asked me what we were having. Aaaand that was it. That was all...

Check On Your Mom Friends, Because We Are So Damn Tired

Hey friends, Can you do me a favor, please? If you have a sec. Could you check on your mom friends? We are really struggling. Because we...

My Sweet Child – I Get You At Your Worst

"He's such a calm boy."  "I promise he's well behaved when he's with me." "We had a great day. He definitely acts differently when you're not...

Dear Boobs, We Gotta Talk

Dear Boobs, We gotta talk. You ladies have been a little out of control lately. And by “out of control,”  I really mean it feels like...

I Got Pregnant Again So They Would Fix My Labia

After GIVING BIRTH to my son and becoming a mom for the first time, I can say without doubt or hesitation that my heart...

I’m A Stay At Home Mom And Some Days I Am Totally Unfulfilled

“This is not what I went to school for.” Some days I mutter this to myself a lot. I say it when I’m standing in front...