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I am the wife of an insanely hot husband and the momma of three precious and exhausting kiddos. I have been given way more than I could ever deserve and I really love naps. I refuse to leave the 90's and I own more sequined clothing than a work-at-home mom should, but I'm also not going to part with any of it. Come check me out at ThisUndeservedLife.com!

Why I Don’t Believe In Having “The Sex Talk” With My Kids

Few words have the ability to quiet a room like sex. In fact, during the nearly 13 years that my husband and I worked with...

Yes, I’m At Home, But No, I Will Not Do That For You

I've been at home for more than 13 years now, since I was put on bedrest with my first pregnancy. I've eased from being...

My Daughter Could Die Because Of Your Peanut Butter

It happens every year, a few times a year. Teachers send out class guidelines, snack reminders, general information, and always include the asterisks-engulfed phrase...

When You’re Not the Favorite Parent

I knew when I was pregnant with our third child that things were going to be different. She was our first girl, and not only...

Stop Telling Me That Having Less Stuff Will Make Me Less Stressed

I have never been a minimalist. Everything about me is extra, over-the-top, more than expected, above average, too much. I'm tall. I'm big. I'm...

If You Give a Mom a Tough Kid

If you give a mom a tough kid, she’ll likely feel alone. If you give a mom a tough kid, she’ll likely blame herself. If you give a mom a tough kid, she’ll likely question all she’s done