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Let My Son Cooper Be Your Hope When You Get The Autism Diagnosis

At age two we went to a restaurant for the last time. We started early intervention and learned how different our son was from...

Today, Both My Boys Went to School. And My Tears Were Happy Tears.

Today was a really big day in our little world. Huge really. This morning Cooper went to his brother’s school to have his school photo taken...

I’m The World’s Most Okayest Mom

I’ve been reading a lot lately about so called bad moms. Apparently they walk amongst us dressed in leggings and oversized sweatshirts, hair up in...

To The Mother With Her Adult Son At Thomas The Train

To the mother with her adult son at Thomas the Train: You had the oldest child here. I’m guessing he was 25. Your son was...

You Must Love Him Differently

I love him because he is more himself than any other person I have ever met. I love him because every single day is the best day of his life.