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You Were The Second. But, Not In My Heart.

You were second. Not in my heart, but one did come before you in time. Yes, with you, it was different. There was no gender reveal party....

No One Told Me How Motherhood Would Change My Heart

No one told me how much my heart would hurt when you hurt. They told me I wouldn’t sleep. They warned me about blow outs and...

You’re A Force To Be Reckoned With, Baby Girl.

Strong-willed. Not easily overlooked or forgotten. You feel big emotions, and you have no problem making sure everyone knows where you stand. You leave nothing...

Stop Telling Me To Dread Motherhood

Stop telling me to dread motherhood. “Prepare to never sleep again!” “Wait until he’s mobile, then your life is OVER!” “If you think the terrible twos are...

Kids Are Hard on Marriage, That’s Why Get Away From Them

Our two-year-old is having nightmares. Either that or she’s feigning fear in an effort to completely manipulate us into 87 hugs, four more stories...

Why I Was Afraid To Speak Up About My Postpartum Mood Disorder

“Enjoy every moment!” It’s doled out like the canned advice it is. Tossed around to new moms like it’s even a thing. Or worse yet,...

What Happened When I Realized My Daughter Was Watching Me Weigh Myself Every Day

After having my second baby in less than so many years, things just weren’t the same. My appearance became both my greatest fixation and disappointment. And right there, soaking it all in, was my two-year-old daughter.