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Sara Springer is a story teller, child wrangler, mental health advocate and co-founder of Love Will Foundation, depression and anxiety warrior, yoga enthusiast and a staunch practitioner of sarcasm. She blogs about these things on occasion but you are more likely to find her in her Instagram stories because as a writer, she does not find much time to actually write.

Having Kids Close Together Was Hell At First – But Totally Worth It

A couple days ago, after a long day which led to an eventual late night return home with still so many things left to...

Our Kids Need Us To Validate Their Grief Over Even The Little Things Right...

It is nearing one year of pandemic parenting and I would be lying if I said I thought I would still be doing this...

My Son Said, “Don’t Post It” About The Picture, And Something Inside Me Changed

Pictures have always been my thing. If you check my bookshelves; they are full of albums and scrap booking. Over the last two years my...

We Are Middle Class, And We Have No Idea How We Will Recover Financially...

Remember the part of the pandemic where we were all hunkered down?  When online streaming services made sure we had new content to keep...

My Depression Looks Like Days Without Showering. Because I Feel Nothing At All.

"...I learned that there were a lot, tons if you will, of red flags that my depression was poorly managed. I wrote them off with a mental note to deal with it later because who has time now. One of those signs was hygiene."