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S.E. White is an author and blogger, offering hope and humor on the long road to becoming a published author. She is a mom to three tiny destroyers. The kids assist in the writing process by asking when dinner is and hitting the power button at random intervals. Her work can be found on sites like Her View From Home, Mamalode, Parent.co, Pregnant Chicken, and Books Rock My World.

The BEST Dinner Ideas to Fix Any Type Of Crappy Mood

What's for dinner today? No other sentence I think to myself can be so frustrating, or leave me so blank. Planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, eating and...

The Five Best Places To Hide Things From Your Husband

There will come a day when you have something you don’t want YOUR HUSBAND to have easy access to and you'll need to hide...

Raising an Extrovert When You’re An Introvert Is Exhausting

Sometimes I wonder if being an introvert means I can't raise an extrovert. Recently I found myself wondering, for about the thousandth time, Do...