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Brynn Burger
Brynn is a best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker and truth-teller for parents raising extreme children (those with behavior diagnosis). She laughs with her mouth wide-open and lives against the grain in a tiny house on wheels with her husband, two wild kiddos, and pup named Lu.

Today I Yelled

Today I yelled. We finished up the day’s Road school lessons and I let the kids go outside where I could see them to play. (Cool...

Mama, Don’t Just Wear The Suit, ROCK THE SWIMSUIT

I’m a plus-sized mom and I wore the suit. No I didn’t just wear that bad boy, I rocked that spandex leotard-like one piece...

I Feel Like I Am At My Motherhood Breaking Point

As I sit, staring at the mountain of dirty dishes and miles of sippy cups lining the counters, I feel like I am at...

Extreme Parenting Is A Battle So Many Of Us Fight Every Day. And We...

This is a typical start to our day parenting an extreme child. I roll to one side and crack open a tired eyelid to see...

This Is What It Looks Like Parenting A Child with Behavior Disorders

I am honest to a fault, raw and vulnerable, holding little back because I believe the more open we are with our testimony about...