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Brynn is a best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker and truth-teller for parents raising extreme children (those with behavior diagnosis). She laughs with her mouth wide-open and lives against the grain in a tiny house on wheels with her husband, two wild kiddos, and pup named Lu.

For Many Special Needs Parents, Quarantine Feels Normal

Some might call it misery loving company, but many parents who've spent years or even decades raising children with extra needs, mental health concerns,...

Fix. It. Jesus. I’m A Good Mom But I Don’t Like My Kids Right...

I'm a good mom but I don't like my kids right now. I love my kids. I do. I will go zero to Karen and...

Quarantine Is Putting A Major Strain On Our Marriage

Marriage is not fair. Let's just start with the necessary call out to the Karens and Judgy McJudgment Pants who think me telling the whole...

Today My Son Completely Lost Control. Here’s Why We Talk About It.

Today our oldest had a meltdown so wild and severe it felt like something savage overtook his small, wirey 50 pound frame. In an instant--over...

8 Truths About Being A Mom In Your 30s (And Older)

It occurred to me recently that I'm about to turn 38 in a few short weeks. Gross, I know. I mean, HOW did this happen?...

My Child’s Life Depends on You Secluding Your Sickness.

My Child's Life Depends on You Secluding Your Sickness. I'm not trying to be dramatic (although I am naturally prone to it) but this is...

Sometimes Parenting a Child with Special Needs Feels Like It’s Killing Me

I'm about to be the brand of honest that makes people uncomfortable. Friend, it starts and ends with these two pictures. These pictures were taken just...
Angry toddlers lead to exhausted mothers. Here are six strategies to tame your toddler’s tantrums and re-energize the mom exhaustion that can accompanies.

The Angry Toddler and The Exhausted Mother

6 Ways to Mellow Toddler Meltdowns and Overcome Mom Overwhelm “I am not your best fweennnd,” our three-year-old stomped. I could almost see the fumes...

Hang On To the Husband who Plays Beauty Shop

As much as mainstream media and mommy meetups like to poke fun at lazy husbands and half-hearted dads who don't help around the house...

As An Adult, The Holidays Seem More About Mess Than Magic

To the Mom Who Just Isn't Feeling the Holiday Spirit Solidarity, sister. The holidays are stressful and require copious amounts of liquid holiday cheer delivered by...