The Pouf Hairstyle Is Making A Comeback, And Some Of Us Never Even Knew It Left


I’m the last person to claim any knowledge about anything fashionable, but the one thing I know about fashion is that styles tend to be cyclical.


Take the VSCO girl phenomenon, for example. Their seashell necklaces, Birkenstocks, scrunchies, & messy buns were OUR thing back in the 90s, kids.

It happens with hairstyles, too, and I’m pretty damn excited… because the pouf is back, baby!

Actress Florence Pugh’s appearance in recent cast photos for her new film has spurred much online excitement after she was featured sporting a throwback pouf or “bump” hairstyle.

Florence is starring in the latest remake of Little Women; she and fellow cast member Saoirse Ronan were interviewed about the film for the LA Times. The actresses also did a joint photo shoot to accompany the interview.

Photo Credit: L.A. Times

The reporter’s intention of the interview was to discuss why women seem to gravitate so much towards either the character Jo (played by Ronan) or Amy (played by Pugh).

But in reality, readers seem less interested in talking character, & more in talking about Pugh’s pouf hairstyle.

Style magazine The Cut even addressed this unique style in a discussion among their writers & editors. Just what was the pouf? Where did it go?

(Or was it a “bump”? The name might not matter, but the height sure did!)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The pouf was a popular hairstyle in the early to mid 2000s. The bangs are clipped back just over the forehead, and teased to make the pouf as… “poufy” as possible.

A flat-iron was involved, and bobby pins. Usually lots of bobby pins. And hairspray, of course- lots of that was required, too. 

While you’d expect that Florence’s hair might not seem like a big deal, to fans on Twitter, it was a BIG deal!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen celebrities rocking a pouf. But in the mid-2000s, several celebrities were known for wearing them- like, for example, Lauren Conrad of The Hills:

Photo Credit:

Ashley Tisdale of the High School Musical franchise:

Photo Credit:

And let’s not forget the Queen of the Pouf… Snooki from Jersey Shore!

Photo Credit: Life & Style

For some reason, the pouf faded from popularity after its heyday, though no one is really even sure why.

Although the LA Times article was intended to discuss the Little Women remake, social media could not get over the return of the pouf. And some were quick to point out that in their world, it never left.

The height of the bump was important. Go big or go home!


It was not just perky, but practical- not everyone knew about dry shampoo, so…


Just talking about the pouf was bringing back memories for peeps on Twitter.


Some fans of the “bump” are ready & waiting for it to be “in” again:


Was it a cool look? Maybe not… but that won’t stop us from wearing it!


Not that it came easy, you know. Getting that kind of volume took lots of work. And LOTS of hairspray.


But thankfully, we had the Bumpit to help us out 


No, really. This was a real thing!


-not that everyone remembers it as fondly, of course…


And there are, of course, people who aren’t thrilled about the bump being back.


But for many of us, it’s finally time! It’s baaaack!


So love it or hate it, it looks like the bump is back! Or, as some pointed out- it never left!


And Snooki, despite wearing less “bump-y” hairstyles recently, is probably stoked, too.



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