Viral TikTok Of Pregnant Woman’s Rules For Meeting Her Newborn Is Brilliant


Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time and not just for the parents. It seems like everyone and their long-lost brother wants to meet the newest addition. 


As soon as word spreads of the birth, family, friends, coworkers, great aunts and uncles, and second cousins twice removed that you’ve only ever seen in the yellowed pages of your parents’ old photo albums all suddenly appear on your front doorstep, clamoring to welcome the bundle of joy, up close and personal.

While it’s understandable that people want a personal meet & greet because let’s face it, babies are adorable, it’s important that the well-being of both the baby and his mother are put first.

And for one pregnant mama? She’s not shy about letting people know what this looks like.

Maisie Crompton, a 20-year-old expectant first-time mom, is already setting boundaries around visitors meeting her newborn, and honestly, this is brilliant.

Maisie took to TikTok to lay out her 8 “rules for when our baby arrives” for anyone hoping to pop in for a visit.

The list of dos and don’ts (mostly don’ts) has gone viral with close to 750K views and 64K comments, likely because they actually make a lot of sense.

Maisie opens the video, saying:

“I’ve seen a lot of people do rules for when they have a baby, but I’m actually pregnant, so I thought I would do mine.”

She then launches right into her ground rules.


Seen so many of these videos… here’s my “rules for when I have a baby” ????#pregnancyjourney #rulesformybaby #trending #mumsunder21

? original sound – Maisie

“1. Please don’t kiss the baby.”

As tempting as it is to pucker up and plant a smooch on that sweet baby’s lips, or squishy cheeks, or chubby fingers, DON’T.

Babies’ immune systems are fragile. Viruses, such as RSV and herpes, can be life-threatening. Even a common cold can wreak serious havoc on their little bodies.

“2. No unannounced visitors, for the first few days we want it just to be us.”

Maisie further explains that she really doesn’t think she’s gonna be up for socializing when a baby has literally just come out of her.

She’s not wrong. 

With my firstborn, I wasn’t prepared for the deluge of visitors that came knocking. Our front door turned into a revolving door of one visitor after the other. It was exhausting.

All I really wanted was a hot minute to recover and a chance to have some uninterrupted time to get to know my baby before the masses descended.

“3. Don’t announce our baby has arrived until we do, on social media or in person.”

Maisie explains that she will already have told the people that she wants to know and asks family and friends to keep the news to themselves. 

This leads right into rule #4 which states: 

“4. No photos posted of the baby until we do.”

This should also include, “no photos posted of the baby unless you have permission to post.” 

Onto rule #5: 

“5. Do not come if you’re sick.”

That little cough you’ve had for ages? Yeah, no. The sneezing and sniffling you swear are “just allergies?” Also no. 

“I don’t care if it’s just, like, a small cough, or you’ve had it for ages. I really don’t care. Just don’t come if you’re sick.”

But if you’re healthy and you do come? Please, wash your hands before holding the baby. 

“6. Wash your hands before holding them.”

After all, you’ve probably “touched loads of stuff” and the baby’s immune system isn’t the best. 

As for whether or not Maisie really wants you to visit? Check yourself first. 

“7. Do not ask to see the baby if you haven’t spoken to me or asked how I am throughout my pregnancy.”


And last, but certainly not least:

“8. If our baby cries please hand them back to me or their dad.” 

Because Maisie, really doesn’t want to have to watch her baby cry from a distance, understandably so.

While some people joked that this is obviously Maisie’s first baby and, “These will never happen when it’s your second trust me, LOL,” the majority of commenters were on board with the list. 

After all, the “rules” really are just good commonsense. As one commenter noted, they are just “BASIC things” every visitor should follow.

screenshot of TikTok comment @maisie_crompton

And if it makes mom happy and comfortable? More power to her.

screenshot of TikTok comment @maisie_crompton

As for people being upset about the rules? You probably don’t want them anywhere near you OR your baby.

screenshot of TikTok comment @maisie_crompton

Whether you agree with Maisie’s rules or not, at the end of the day, SHE’S the mama. And as one commenter so succinctly put it, “TBH, her baby, her rules.”


Honestly, kudos to Maisie for setting boundaries now. I didn’t learn to do this until the second time around and I wish I had done it with my first.

As much as you assume that visitors will just innately do things, or NOT do things, like showing up unannounced, or posting pics to Facebook, oftentimes, it’s not the case.

Handing out a list of “rules” or talking it over with family and friends before your baby is born can help ensure that both mom and baby stay happy and healthy.

You can check out her TikTok here:


Seen so many of these videos… here’s my “rules for when I have a baby” ????#pregnancyjourney #rulesformybaby #trending #mumsunder21

? original sound – Maisie


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