Mom Shares Messy House, Gets Dragged on TikTok Because People Have All Kinds Of Feelings


As I type this, there are five overflowing laundry baskets sitting on my dining room table. My couch is covered in towels and bedding. There is toothpaste all over the bathroom sink.


I live in a house of five and yesterday was laundry day, so all those piles of laundry are clean, I just haven’t had time to fold and put everything away yet.

The bathroom is a hot mess because, kids. Whatever.

I feel like this constant state of explosive messes is pretty normal for most families, but one mom is feeling some heat for daring to share hers online.

TikTok mom, @themessymama4 shared a video of what her house looked like after not cleaning it for four days in a row, and people have some major feelings about it.

The video has been viewed more than 14 million times with nearly 58K comments. 

The video starts with the creator saying, “I know I’m going to get roasted, but this is what happens when two lazy adults have four kids.”

She then walks through what looks like a small house that has four small kids living in it with parents who didn’t clean for four days. So, pretty accurate.

Screenshot of TikTok video by @themessymama4 showing her living room covered in clothing and toys, two children are in the background

She takes pains to make a distinction between her house being dirty and being messy, and as a mom of three kids, I know exactly what she means. Nowhere in that video does it look like anything truly revolting is happening, it just looks like kids dragged everything around the floors and counters and just left it there. 

The kitchen in particular looks like mine any given night. I don’t wash dishes all day while I am working from home. I let everything pile up and then I do one major clean before dinner. It’s how I roll and honestly, it kind of looks like that’s how this mama rolls too. 

Screenshot of TikTok user @themessymama4 showing kitchen counters full of toys, dishes, papers, and other debris.

And before you judge, let me just say that I doubt your house would pass the white glove test, so simmer down. But this is the internet and judging is what we seem to do best. And by the looks of the comments, TikTok users did not hold back. 

Screenshot of a TikTok comment on @themessmama4's video

One user called Em wrote, “the way you said, ‘it’s not dirty’ with such confidence.” That comment got 84K likes from people who must live in ivory towers and likely don’t have kids. I bet they have an HOA. 

Screenshot of a comment on @themessymama4's TikTok video

Thankfully, some moms came to the rescue.

TikTok user Music Mama defended @themessymama4 by pointing out the hypocrisy of some of the rage hot heat roasting this video.

Music Mama wrote, “‘ThE KiDis DoNt DeSeRvE tHiS.’ THE KIDS DID THIS!”

She’s not wrong. Kids are absolute animals when it comes to the kinds of messes they can create.

I can’t believe that this lady’s house was still standing after four days of not cleaning a damn thing. I kind of love her chutzpah, if I’m being honest. 

Screenshot of a comment on @messymama4's TikTok video

TikTok user Meghan Sanders didn’t hold back with her judgment of certain types of moms in the comments sections.

Sanders wrote, “I’d much rather see you clean your realistic house than watch another blonde clean an already clean countertop.” 

Watch the full video here.


I will block those who are mean. this is to keep me accountable not for views.

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And that brings us the grand follow-up.

Who doesn’t love a fabulous cleaning video? Amazingly, in the follow-up video that shows @themessymama4 cleaning her house – and I mean POWER cleaning her house – she gets unexpected visitors, which helps to highlight where this mama’s priorities exist Her neighbors needed help with their kids, so @themessymama4 takes on babysitting two extra kiddos while still cleaning her home. 

The video starts with her saying, “Ok, obviously I’m not going to post a really crappy video of my house being a freaking mess and not post a video of me cleaning it!” The sped-up video shows her racing around and tackling one pile after another. 

Screenshot of TikTok user @themessymama4 cleaning her house while her daughter helps organize the kitchen

The follow-up video seems to have caught the internet off guard because the comments immediately changed in their tone and judgment. 

Screenshot of a comment on @themessymama4's TikTok video

TikTok user Sandi Wood953 wrote, “Now see. You are THAT mom. Neighbors trust you with their kids. Messy house and all. Good person.”

Screenshot of a TikTok comment on @themessymama4's video

Nyomie Michelle Acos wrote, “You’re a good friend, lol. Having a disaster and still being available to your neighbors.”

Screenshot of a comment left on a TikTok video.

Tara Kelly, a fellow mom in the trenches jumped in to cheer on @themessymama4 by adding,

“I’m a stay-at-home mom of four, and my house looked very similar to this today! The mess can literally happen in minutes.”

My favorite part of this follow-up video is the very end when, just as I thought I was going to see a perfectly clean and organized home, she gives up and quits for the day because the kids are hungry, and probably bored.

I laughed out loud and felt some solidarity with this lady because everything about this video is so realistic and not at all worthy of being roasted online. 

Watch the full video here. 


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? original sound – Bri James




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