FDA Tweets “You Are Not A Horse” As People Buy Out Horse Deworming Meds To Treat Covid


Every day since March 2020, I’ve felt like I’m uncovering a new, moronic layer of humanity I never knew existed. It’s been disheartening and exhausting, to say the least.

Well, today, I discovered yet another layer. 


Stores in the Midwest are running out of Ivermectin, a deworming medications for cows and horses. 

After reading that…

Are you terrified that now, after experiencing a worldwide pandemic, an insane election, forest fires, crazy weather events, and murder hornets, we’re dealing with a massive infestation of agricultural worms in our livestock?!

Well, don’t be. 

There IS an infestation, but it’s not creepy-crawly intestinal worms. It’s something worse. 


Around the country, but especially in the Midwest, people are taking Ivermectin, a medication used to treat intestinal parasites in cows and horses, in hopes of preventing COVID-19.

After reading that, you might be asking yourself questions like, “Huh?” “Why?” and “WTF?!”

Well, you’re certainly not alone. 

When I first saw this article, I thought, “No way is this for real. This is one of those times when the powers-that-be publish a statement about something that’s really a non-issue. They’re basically covering their asses.”

But nope. Nopity nope nope. This is really a thing. 

Look no further than the official FDA Twitter account. The FDA has decided people need a reminder from the federal government that they are, in fact, people. 

Well, thanks for clearing that up, FDA! Despite lacking giant horse teeth or a many-teated-udder, I was still a little unsure. *Phew*

You might also wonder what Ivermectin and other COVID-19 therapies have in common and the answer is: nothing.

Dr. Mary Clarke, of the Oklahoma State Medical Association made this crystal clear. She said that while there is a human version of Ivermectin (which is NOT what people are buying from their local Tractor Supply store), even the human version makes zero sense as a treatment for COVID-19. She explained, 

“There’s a human-grade, but it’s for parasite infections… Twenty years ago was the last time that I’ve used ivermectin on a human.”

(Friendly reminder for anyone still unconvinced they should leave the Ivermectin to the farm animals: COVID-19 is caused by a virus, not a parasite.)

Dr. Clarke also warned of the dangers using Ivermectin, especially the veterinary version intended for large animals, could cause. She said, 

Once the damage is done in these situations, you’re not going back… The FDA has said, ‘Please, please, this is not something that is recommended,’ and the manufacturer of the actual medicine has said, ‘We have no evidence of effectiveness.’” 

NBC Affiliate, Oklahoma City’s KFOR contacted Tractor Supply stores in their region, all of which were sold out of Ivermectin, and the responses they got are insane. 

One store said, 

“Ivermectin is gone within hours of shipment.” 

Another store, when they are finally able to stock their shelves, has had to settle for some… ahem… informational signage. They told KFOR, 

 “I mean, we even have ‘Please don’t eat’ signs up.”

And honestly — why are we even surprised? 

Wasn’t it just over a year ago that Lysol and multiple health agencies had to issue statements warning people not to drink or inject their products?

I mean, good grief, we spend years childproofing cabinets and locking up cleaning supplies and animal medications so our toddlers won’t get into them. Now people are willingly consuming the stuff like it’s going to HELP their immune system?!

Is there any hope for humanity?

Should we just get out the collective white flag and acknowledge that after developing electricity, the internet, airplanes, even freaking ROCKET SHIPS, the ingenuity of the human race is just all tapped out?

It’s driving me nuts because, honestly, I can’t pick a lane.

Part of me wants to be understanding and say, “People are scared… people do crazy things when they’re scared.”

The other part of me wants to scream: “FINE! If you want to be complete idiots with your horse cocktails, knock yourselves out. Darwin had some theories about this…”

The craziest thing of all is there’s a vaccine — a vaccine that’s proven to dramatically reduce the most serious complications of COVID-19. And the people rushing off to their local Tractor Supply to buy deworming medication meant for LIVESTOCK are also too afraid to get the vaccine because they “don’t trust what’s in it.” 

That warped logic requires a level of mental gymnastics that would impress even Simone Biles on her very best day.

So what can you do to help? 

Head out to your local feed store, Tractor Supply, etc. and check out the aisles where Ivermectin is sold.

If someone attempts to make such a purchase, you can help by surveying them. I’ve included my handy-dandy Q&A regimen (patent pending) to make this process incredibly simple:

Question 1: Are you a horse or cow? Is this purchase FOR a horse or cow?  

If they answer “yes,” tell them to have a nice day.

If they say “no,” please proceed to Question 2.


Will these two questions solve everything? Of course not. But screaming Question 2 at a local fool might at least make you feel a little better. 

And at this point, I’m willing to settle for that. 

But really, in the words of the FDA, “Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”


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