Bloggers: 3 Simple Tips For Writing Better Tweets


For some, Twitter is like a mythical land of wonder. They spend hours tweeting, retweeting, and measuring results only to find they receive very little traffic from this social media powerhouse. If you’re currently shaking your head in agreement and questioning how you, too, can get on the fast-moving Twitter boat, it could be as simple as modifying what you’re posting to create better tweets.


Here are 3 simple tips for writing better tweets:

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Engage Your Audience

Rather than talking AT your followers, include them in the conversation. A simple way to engage your audience is to include “you” in your tweets. Here’s an example:

Before: Tips for Writing Better Tweets and Increasing Click-Throughs:

After: Writing better tweets increases click-throughs! How have YOU increased your Twitter traffic?

See the difference? Want to spark a conversation with Twitter users? Pose a question and give people some motivation to engage one-on-one with your tweets.

Using “you” and “your” makes the reader feel like they are part of the conversation and you are reaching out to them on a personal level.

Include A Call To Action

Sometimes a simple tweet is not enough. Sometimes it takes a real call to action to get a reader to click through. According to Twitter, when you include a call to action or actionable words you can increase you click-through rate by as much as 13 percent.

The three most effective calls to action are: 1) suggesting a download, 2) asking for a retweet, and 3) asking for a follow.

Remember that Twitter is all about conversation. Balance your tweets with calls to action with other useful and entertaining content. Don’t overdo it or you’ll turn off your followers.

Write In Active (Not Passive) Tense

Writing in active tense is a thousand times more engaging and effective than writing in passive tense. An active voice is stronger and sounds more persuasive. Here’s an example:

Before: If you’ve been wanting more traffic from Twitter, you might consider this.

After: Want more traffic from Twitter? Try THIS!

Which would get you to click-through?

Now it’s your turn! What is your tip for writing better tweets? 


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