Blogging…What’s In It For You And Me? (Guest Post)



Let’s face it. Change is inevitable. And it’s hard, believe me! Some people find it quite difficult to get out of their comfort zones – and I’m one of them. But because of a very rapid technological advancement, we have to go with the flow, or else we’ll be left behind. This progression is very applicable to the way we communicate with the world.

It was over 30 years ago when Bill Gates had a dream and vision that every desk and home would have a computer. It was his brilliant entrepreneurial mindset that brought about changes to the way every human on earth conveys and receives information, both publicly and privately. From this extremely radiant invention, a prompt transmission of information has been progressing unceasingly which includes emails, video calling, text messaging, social media, and, of course, blogging.

Blogging, in its simplest term, is basically the act of creating online versions of newsprints/articles talking about everything under the sun. While a blog is the article itself, a blogger is the one who creates or writes the articles.

Why blog if newspapers and magazines are still around? That’s a very valid question, for which I found several answers. First, preference wise, everyone is different. Some people still prefer to have the physical prints (offline), especially those who are not into the virtual world. However, the majority of the population is now on the Internet (online). Social media has played a significant role in sprouting a new form of collaboration, which people seem to love. Blogging serves as a collaborative way for people to consume information.

I once thought that blogging required special skills and training. What I discovered, was the exact opposite. There are only two things an aspiring blogger should have, a message and passion. I believe that everyone has a message to relay. A message can be drawn from specific expertise or from your very own experiences. Everyone has a story to tell. But blogging is not confined to one’s story or work. You can start a blog about anything!

So…what’s in it for you and me?

I started blogging several months ago and find it very beneficial. First, I get to exercise my passion for writing. Second, I am able to pass on a message to my readers. Because my readers see value in what I write, they find my blog posts helpful and informative. Blogging itself serves as a useful tool by way of product reviews, helpful tips, connecting to informative links and so on.

Blogging is also therapy – an inexpensive therapy that can remedy just about anything. The good news is that you can choose between becoming a blogger and staying a reader. Whatever your choice is, we both benefit – it’s a win-win situation indeed!


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