Free To Next Owner – Our Stinky, Moldy, Life-Saving BOB Stroller


Buy Nothing Give: Bob Stroller, circa 2012. Includes a rain cover. Porch Pickup near the park.

** Fine print – Gifting: a bright orange BOB stroller, well-loved; basically, the most-cherished and valuable item our family has owned these past ten years. As some reviewers have said (thank you, Andrea), and we agree, it is “a freakin Beast on the trails or road. A BEASTTTTTT.”

My husband and I debated selling our BOB stroller on Craigslist. How much does a used Bob go for, we asked?

The answer: more than you think. But this was a baby shower gift, which felt weird to sell, so we offer this graciously knowing what a good deal you’re getting.

Two kids have drooled themselves to sleep in this stroller.

It was a lifeline to get out of the GD house with a screaming child, or for fresh air after sleepless nights breastfeeding, watching all of the CSI’s.

It’s done preschool pickups in slick snow and ran countless miles around Green Lake, fueled by a mixture of caffeine and desperate new-parent anxiety.

It has logged over 2,467 miles (yes, we tracked it on Strava! We’re nerds!)

There have been countless songs sung (always twinkle twinkle), books consumed (long live the Pout Pout fish!) and snacks eaten in this stroller.

I see the moldy goldfish, sorry, and the Go Go Squeez stains. Oops!

Is that a gummy bear?

Free-Bob-Stroller-little girl in pink hat and red coat sitting in stroller

Speaking of mold, it’s all over the rain cover. This stroller has seen some rain; I’ve left it out in front of the house dozens of times, as I’ve bolted inside with a wet six-month-old.

Sorry for the coffee stains all over the drink holder and handlebar, but I was a walking zombie half of the time I was pushing this rig.

Coffee was SALVATION, as is the roomy cargo basket underneath the stroller. Whoa, boy! It can hold all kinds of things it’s not supposed to: 3 bags of groceries, 17 books from the little free library, and my personal favorites: growlers from the local beer joint, long pieces of lumber from ACE, and even a giant-size Christmas wreath.

Is this a stroller or a flatbread truck? You decide.

Just a warning: the easy-fold feature is not so easy.

I never looked half as cool as the other moms in their Athleta yoga pants and workout tops flipping their stroller one-handed into the back of their cars like professional parents.

We had a double BOB for a while, but this is the OG model.

She’s tireless and can carry tiny infants with the car seat adapter (not included) all the way to preschool kids, and even two kids, when the older kid suddenly decides her legs “can’t go any further” halfway home from the park.

You can get festive with it, as it makes a great platform for holiday lights and works as a mini-float for kid-focused Fourth of July parades.

Yes, you can hook up a speaker and play Baby Shark on your phone. No judgment here.

This BOB stroller has seen an airport or two where Ta-Da! It doubles as a luggage carrier.

It’s been off roading, has glided over the sand, and loves a good trail. (New mom tip: gravel makes kids very sleepy). The BOB stroller loves a good field trip to the aquarium, and especially enjoys when the monkeys throw their poop at the zoo.

She’s a well-traveled adventurer. Just watch hanging the diaper bag on her handlebars – she will absolutely fall backwards with your kid inside. That’s her move.

I know I said porch pickup, but we’re definitely going to need to coordinate on this pickup.

I’m going to hug you, and tell you how much this stroller has meant to us, and to take good care of it, and she’ll take good care of you, and blahhhh, it’s going to be weird.

But then it will be over.

Plus, we’ll more than likely be masked, so it’s cool.

You might see a tear but pay no mind; I already gave her a big hug before you haul her off to the trunk of your Subaru. She will become a loyal steward for your family.

This stroller stinks like a 3-day old diaper, but she’ll always have my heart.

It symbolized freedom for our family, a gateway into feeling like a normal functioning mother-member of society.

Despite a front wheel that likes to spin out and a questionable brake, she brought us many miles and happy outings. Please enjoy.

You better. It’s free. 🙂


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